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September 14, 2015

Photo courtesy Dustin Lee

Today’s post is more of an announcement than a true post, but it’s definitely an everyday adventure and I want to share it with you. Over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned revitalizing my freelance writing career, steep learning curves, etc. I’m still learning—I suspect I always will be—but finally, I’m officially open for business at

My first love is writing articles, both print and online, and I plan to continue to pursue those opportunities, but I’m also branching out into writing guest blog posts (bylined or ghost written), web content, and other types of writing as needed. Need a blog post for your business website? I can write it. Need copy for your email newsletter? Let me help. Need a flyer or brochure for your business? I can write that, too. I also offer copyediting and proofreading services. If you know of anyone who needs the kind of writing and editing services I offer, please pass along my name and contact info.

I want to thank Carol Tice ( for my new mantra: “Stop waiting. You’re a writer, not a waiter.” Her matter-of-fact attitude and encouraging blog posts, as well as the support of the Freelance Writer’s Den, have helped enormously. I’ve taken advantage of the huge amounts of information and instruction both she and Linda Formichelli (of The Renegade Writer) offer (much of it free), and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I owe another thank you to Laure Ferlita, who as my friend and partner in adventure, has encouraged me at every step to believe in myself and just do it, already. (Laure is beginning a new chapter in her own business, independent learning classes, and if you’re interested in go-at-your-own-pace watercolor instruction, I encourage you to give her classes a try. She’s an awesome teacher. Check out her post introducing her new classes here.) 

I could keep thanking people all day—my husband, the rest of my friends, and even those of you I only know through this blog. Your kindness and encouragement keep me going when I don’t feel like writing and the words won’t come.

Here’s to a new everyday adventure!


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  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations on getting this site up and running! I look forward to the new places you're going to go and the adventures you'll have. And I love the quote.

    Thanks for the kind words on my new adventure. Nothing like journeys into new worlds to keep us on our toes!

  2. Thanks, Laure! Here's to new adventures, both literal and artistic.

  3. Dear Kathy- wow this is great news. Your writing talents are certainly apparent when visiting your blog. I know it is always a joy to read your thoughts. So happy for you and wishing you much success. Hugs

  4. Congrats, Kathy! I stumbled upon your blog when I fell down the internet rabbit hole yesterday (aka linked from blog to blog to... well, you know :) It seems we have much in common... I'm nearly an empty nester, freelance writer, and I've just started horseback riding as an adult. I so appreciate what you wrote about going at your own speed. I was experiencing a great deal of cantering anxiety and it was helpful to read about your riding journey. Anyway, on top of all that, I signed up for one of Laura's online classes because I've been longing to start art journaling! So, thank you for your sharing your blog. It really made my day!
    Kind regards,

  5. Debbie--Thanks so much for your kind and always positive comments. They make a difference.

  6. Tammy--Welcome and thank you so much for your comments. You made my day! It sounds like we do have a lot in common. I hope you enjoy Laure's class...and cantering :). What type of writing do you do?

  7. Thanks, Kathy :) I ordered all of my painting supplies, so I'm eagerly waiting to get started. Red and the Peanut really inspired me to try my hand with the birds. (I think that's how I first found your site... googling Ohio birders :) I put out my first bird feeder this summer, which led to a finch feeder, which led to a few hummingbird feeders, which led to... well you get the picture. It's become a bit of an obsession. I guess it's one way of dealing with an empty nest!

    I've been writing K–12 language arts content for education publishers for the past twenty years. While it's been a great, flexible way to make extra money, I don't consider it my calling. I'm still trying to figure that out! You're lucky that you've found a way to write about topics that interest you!

    Thank you, again, for sharing your words. I'm hoping to start a new blog that aligns with, what feels like, a new chapter in life. Maybe I'll start tracking my cantering progress :)

  8. Congratulations Kathy! I can't wait to visit your new website. Best of luck to you on your new venture!

  9. Congratulations on taking the steps to focus more on your writing career. You have a gift for words! Best wishes!

  10. Tammy--Yes, you've got to fill that nest with something! It sounds like you have a number of interesting hobbies lined up to help.

    That sounds like an interesting writing job, even if it hasn't fulfilled all your creative yearnings. If you do start a blog, that will certainly help. I started this one in part of learn how to write something other than a nonfiction article! It's been great fun. (And I'd love to hear about your cantering progress :)!)

  11. Thank you, Cheryl. I appreciate your encouragement!

  12. Thank you, too, Claire, for your kind words and encouragment!

  13. Kathy, how wonderful and courageous!!! You will now share your talents with more people!! I will go to your site and to Laura's.

  14. Thanks, Rita. Hope you enjoy our new adventures.


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