Adventure Is Easier Than You Think

September 21, 2015

Photo courtesy Amanda Sandlin

This weekend I watched the movie Wild, based on Cheryl Strayed’s book about her experiences hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in an effort to put her life back together following personal tragedy. While watching, my first thought was: I couldn’t do that. I’m just not physically and mentally tough enough to undertake a three-month, 1,000-mile hike through the wilderness by myself.

Good thing for me, I don’t have to. Instead of feeling inadequate, I remembered I have absolutely no desire to try grueling challenges like hiking the PCT (and I’m also blessed not to be coping with the amount of trauma and drama Strayed was). 

My adventures don’t need to look like Cheryl Strayed’s, or yours, or anyone else’s. Adventures don’t have to be big, scary undertakings to be adventurous. Adventure is not one-size-fits-all. Little adventures—everyday adventures as I call them—add immeasurable happiness to life. While bigger adventures may be more life-changing, everyday adventures (the new class, the trip to the beach at sunset, the visit to the farmer’s market, or watching for the next “blood moon,” for instance) are much more accessible to most people.

Adventures, small and large, are important because they open the mind, build confidence, and give the remembering self something to savor. When we stop waiting for the next big adventure and start incorporating everyday adventure into our lives, we’ll be happier for it.

Make a list of everyday adventures you want to try—and come back here to share with us!

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  1. I consider most anything outside of my comfort zone an adventure. I have the quote, "The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude." Adventures, even scary ones, are way more fun than ordeals.

  2. Laure--That is so true...our attitudes have such a big effect on whether it is an adventure rather than an ordeal. I think our expectations and preconceived ideas do, too.

  3. Yes. So true (& beautifully written). I saw the movie and also thought, No, this is not something I would enjoy." The fictional documentation of her experience was interesting though.
    My adventure today: I took my folding chair and my drawing materials and sat in our town cemetary drawing (not just sketching) a most beautiful angel sculpture! One of those things I always thought about doing, but then wouldn't do. Today, I did and it was lovely!

  4. Good for you, Rita. Sounds like a lovely adventure.

  5. ...loved the post, Kathy! We take little adventures all the time. We always say, "I think it's time for an adventure," which may be just taking a country road to find a nice spot along the river, but it's getting out and away and seeing something new. :-)

  6. Thanks, Kelly. I agree that adventure is often just getting out and seeing something new.

    I just read about your adventure with Matty and your sketchbooks. It's so awesome that you can do that with him.