Full Bloom or Harvest?

September 16, 2015

 “Like the rest of the natural world, human beings go through seasons. At one point, we are in the full bloom of summer, harvesting, committed, in abundance. Then, naturally, there is an autumnal time of falling away, disillusionment, stagnation, a shedding of what has been used up. Then must come the fallowness and dormancy of winter, death, rest. Eventually…there is a great melting into muck and mud, which, if one can persevere, opens naturally into an abundant yellow-green time, when everything is possible and horizons open. Consider your own passion for a moment. Is it hiding under the softest fall of snow, or going through a raw shedding? And is your sense of purpose trembling with spring green or flaming in full harvest?”
—Dawna Markova, I Will Not Die an Unlived Life

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  1. Markova's take on some of the seasons is a bit different than mine, but still, I like thinking about my own human seasons. Autumn, rather than a time of loss is for me a time of high energy...preparing for the quiet, inward winter where I'll be able to spend days snug indoors, reading, drawing, studying...inbetween enjoying the cold outdoors, which also energizes me! Summer is more my time of death, ironic as that sounds, but when there is heat and humidity, I die a bit. Spring, it is the season of Patience, changes come slow here in Maine in the spring...
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity for this bit of reflection.
    How about you? I wonder what your personal seasons are?

  2. Rita--My seasons are somewhat like yours. Autumn is also a high energy time for me, as I come alive again after the long, hot summer. Even before I lived in FL, I often set yearly goals for myself in Sept. And summer is hibernation time (as much as it can be) for me! Winter is usually wonderful here, and spring is sort of a no-show season. We often jump right into summer.