Five Things Making Me Happy Right Now

March 22, 2013

So much of life is made up of the little things, the simple pleasures and everyday adventures that form the main part of our existence. If we can take pleasure in those little things (instead of waiting for some distant “big thing”), we’ll find our day-to-day lives that much happier. Here are five little things making me happy right now:

Singing. I love to sing—not for an audience, but with the radio or CDs, in the shower, driving down the road, etc. I just started doing it again lately, after falling silent for months.

Robins Eggs. Every year when the Easter candy hits the shelves, I treat myself to a bag (just one) of Robins Eggs. In order to be satisfying, they have to be made with Whopper brand malted milk candies and they have to be the full size, not the minis. I’m very particular about my junk food.

My dog. Scout makes me happy nearly every day…except when she has to go potty at 4 in the morning. I spend considerable time each day petting her, giving her treats, loving her. Today’s her 14th birthday, and we’ve had her since she was eight weeks old. She’s an integral member of the family, and we know that since she’s aging she won’t be with us forever. I’m making the most of the time we have.

Gardenias. I just picked the first gardenia blossom from my plant and its gorgeous scent perfumes my desk. Once picked, the flowers last only a day or two, but while they last, they can make a whole room smell wonderful.

The Olive Grove, by Katherine Kizilos. I loved visiting Greece a few years ago, and while I’d love to return someday, for now I have to make do with other people’s trips. Kizilos makes me feel like I’m there when she describes the blue of the Aegean, and the way the island of Santorini rises up out of the sea. 

What’s making you happy right now?

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  1. 1. Reading for the fun of it rather than the business of it. 2. Brach's Malted Pastel Easter Egg Candies. Only Brach's will do. 3. Sourdough bread fresh and hot from the bakery 4. Finishing a painting. 5. Two more ready to go!

  2. Laure--I love these--all wonderful things!

  3. Scout is such a cutie. Glad you are spending lots of loving time with her. Sun makes me happy right now. Our winters are so hard on me especially the older I get. Peeps make me happy and my dogs.

  4. I like those robin eggs too. What a good girl Scout is, even if she can't hold it as long as she used too.

    What is making me happy? All these little kids nowadays. Especially the sweet ones.

    Have a wonderful spring break, Kathy.

    Kathy M.

  5. Clare--Dogs do have a way of making us happy, don't they? And sunshine, too. I would have a hard time living someplace without a good amount of sunshine. I've spent my whole life in either California or Florida, and there's no shortage of sunlight in either place!

  6. Kathy--Hope you're still enjoying your new job and the little ones you teach. Thanks for your good wishes.