Happy Little Things: Flavored Almonds

March 08, 2013

Eating: one of life’s great simple pleasures, but one that can quickly get me into trouble. In my quest for tasty-yet-mostly-healthy snacks, I’ve discovered the joy of flavored almonds. I started off with Blue Diamond butter toffee flavor, and…yum! Slightly sweet, but still mostly healthy. Next, a friend introduced me to the toasted coconut flavor, also tasty and just slightly sweet. And then, well, another friend warned told me about the salt ’n vinegar flavor, which is now my favorite. The only downside is that you have to be careful how many of these you eat, because one ounce weighs in at around 170 calories—no slugging down handfuls and expecting to retain (or regain) one’s svelte figure. 

Sure, plain almonds might be a bit healthier, and I do eat and enjoy them also—but when I want to have something that feels like a treat without totally derailing my health goals, I reach for one of these yummy flavors. They make me happy. (And yes, I do see that “artificially flavored” on the label of the salt ’n vinegar flavor—I admit they’re not perfect…but neither am I.)

What is your favorite healthy snack?

*I received no compensation for this completely unsolicited mention of Blue Diamond almonds.

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  1. I'm pretty sure she "warned" you about the S & V almonds, LOL!! My other healthy snack would be fruit.

  2. Laure--Fruit's a great choice--I love it, too, and it's harder to eat too much of it than it is to eat too many S&V almonds...

  3. Wow - never heard of or seen these. They sure would tempt me. I'll have to keep a look out for them and also control myself.

  4. Claire--they are delicious if you like an intense salt and vinegar flavor. Be careful!

  5. I love plain almonds but I've never heard of flavored ones. I think I'll NOT look for them - it might get me into trouble. My latest favorite thing is dates with pecans - yum!

  6. Cheryl--If you do try them, be careful! They are addicting. Sounds like you've found a crunch/chewy/slightly sweet treat there. Yummy.