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December 14, 2009

Time for more book discussion! After the Publishers Weekly flap, I revisited the list of books I read this year. Most of them weren’t published in 2009, though they were written by women. I’m not a book reviewer; I read for my own enjoyment and enlightenment. If you’re a reader too, what follows is a list of a few of the books I read this year that I found the most interesting/inspirational/enjoyable, etc. You might like them too.

This Is Not How I Thought It Would Be. Kristin Maschka tackles the issues that surround combining parenting (not just mothering) and work. I’ve read quite a few books on this subject, and this one summed up the issues involved very well, and offers suggestions for how mothers and fathers can make things better.

What the Dead Know. Laura Lippman’s stand-alone suspense novel kept me turning pages all the way to the end.

The Wishing Year. Noelle Oxenhandler chronicles a year of determining whether or not wishing has any real power, as she wishes for a man, a house of her own, and spiritual healing.

A Broom of One’s Own. Nancy Peacock’s delightful essays about her experiences as a writer/house cleaner. This is how some writers who aren’t Dan Brown get by.

War Within and Without. I’ve read all of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s collections of diaries and letters, and feel a great affinity for her. The struggles she had combining motherhood, marriage to a famous (and rather demanding) husband and her own creative work speak to all women who want to be there for their families, but also use their creative talents.

Anne of Green Gables books—by L.M. Montgomery. They were written for children, but they are comfort reading for me when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed.

Die for You. Lisa Unger is a new author for me, and I loved this novel. I’m now reading Beautiful Lies.

Excuses Begone! Not Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s best book, in my opinion, but one I needed to read. I’m a champion excuse maker.

Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher. Hello, “Scanner” personality! This book put a name to how I act, and showed me some ways to direct myself so that I accomplish more and don’t get so frustrated and scattered.

I love to read, and this list could easily be 30 books long, but I took pity on you. I’d love to hear about your favorite books of the year. Please share! And happy reading!

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  1. I found a couple of these at the library and have put in a request for them! Thanks for sharing!

    I owe you a title (just remembered!) and now I'll have to go searching for it!

  2. One of my favorites for the year is "Scatter Joy" by Kathy Davis (the artist). Super uplifting!!

  3. Thanks for the title, Claire--I'll look it up. (I'm making a list...checking it twice...wait, that's someone else!) And Laure, I'm waiting for yours--I'm sure it will be a good one!

  4. I'm rereading the Left Behind series. And this time I can read straight thru the whold 12 books without a year's wait in between some of the later ones. I'm on #9.