Sweet Escapes

December 21, 2009

Some women are addicted to Facebook or online shopping…or reading blogs (ahem). Thanks to the magic of the internet, here are three of my favorite ways to brighten a boring day with a little G-rated online escapism.

When I was looking for my horse a few years ago, I had a list of Web sites I trolled daily looking for an appropriate mount. I spent hours on Horsequest.com and Dreamhorse.com, where I ultimately found Tank. My guilty little secret (don’t tell Tank) is that I still periodically peruse horse classified ad Web sites. I don’t need or want another horse, but I still like to look.

Dreamhorse Tank
'Round about August (and sometimes December when it’s still 85 degrees and humid), I fantasize about moving. But where? Twenty-acre horse farm in NC? Ocean view home on the Olympic peninsula? Colorado mountain home? Thanks to real estate Web sites like washingtonwaterfronts.com, I can see pictures of beautiful homes and dream.

And speaking of dreaming, did you know that you can rent a historic cottage in the Cotswolds from the National Trust in England? You can also rent an apartment in New York City through Craigslist or a timeshare week someplace exotic through redweek.com. Vacation rental Web sites have given me many a happy hour of harmless fantasizing.

Craigslist rental, NYC

So now you know what I’m doing (sometimes) when I should be checking my e-mail or folding the laundry or…. Just hang on a minute while I check out this villa for rent on the Amalfi coast…

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  1. ...hmmmm...now you have me dreaming, when what I really should be doing is hanging ornaments on my tree! (Your horse is gorgeous--lucky girl, you!)

  2. I think I'm going to have to save this until I can do a little escapism myself! This sounds wonderful - especially that rental in a place far, far away!!

  3. Internet dreaming is dangerous, I admit. But fun! And free!