December 10, 2009

Here in the Land of Good Timing, our son has seen fit to share his cold with me and I am trying NOT to share it with my husband. This is, of course, the very BEST time of year to be sick, what with the decorating and baking and shopping and wrapping that should be taking place. Never you mind. It will all get done eventually, hopefully without a festive Kleenex bow incorporated into someone’s gift wrapping. I can write Christmas cards and admire the tree from my spot in the recliner, with the dog on my lap and the tissues handy. The pine-scented candles glow on the mantel, my attempt to replace that fresh tree smell. (We haven’t had a “real” tree since the year the cat knocked ours over on the new carpet.) I can be grateful that I don’t have to shovel snow in the morning, though I do wish it would be cool enough to wear jeans without sweating. (Ahh…December in Florida.)

Holiday cheer to you all. (And if you get a Christmas card from us, wash your hands after opening. I’m just saying.)

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  1. Thanks! I think I'm on the mend, and hope to be full strength again next week.

  2. hahaha! You'll need to send a packet of hand sanitizer with each card. ;-) I hope you are feeling better, soon. Nothing is worse than being sick for the holidays. Your Christmas images are beautiful.

  3. Great idea! Actually, I am much better and ready to take on all the Christmas festivities! Thanks!