In Each Stage of Our Unfolding

September 17, 2014

“We do ourselves a great disservice by judging where we are in comparison to some final destination. This is one of the pains of aspiring to become something: the stage of development we are in is always seen against the imagined landscape of what we are striving for. So where we are—though closer all the time—is never quite enough.

“The simple rose, at each moment of its slow blossoming, is as open as it can be. The same is true of our lives. In each stage of our unfolding, we are as stretched as possible. For the human heart is quite slow to blossom, and is only seen as lacking when compared to the imagined lover or father or mother we’d like to become.

“It helps to see ourselves as flowers. If a flower were to push itself to open faster, which it can’t, it would tear. Yet we humans can and often do push ourselves. Often we tear in places no one can see. When we push ourselves to unfold faster or more deeply than is natural, we thwart ourselves. For nature takes time, and most of our problems of will stem from impatience.” 
Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

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  1. Kathy - what a beautiful thought for the day. Makes me grateful that others can say so eloquently what one feels in their heart. Think I will have to check out that book by Mark Nepo. Thank you for the gorgeous picture of the rose too - is it one of yours. So lovely.

  2. Debbie--I thought these few paragraphs were so beautiful and thoughtful I had to share. I'm glad they resonated with you. And, yes, the rose is one of my photos.

  3. Very thought-provoking words! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're welcome. This is probably my favorite quote all year.