Chillin' Time

September 15, 2014

More often than not, when I go to the barn to see Tank these days I just take him to graze while I read a magazine or simply watch him with nothing particular in my mind. Even our riding has become languid in the sweatbox that is Florida in September. I feel slightly guilty about this—after all, shouldn’t we always be trying to do better, learn more, grow, progress?

Well, no.

There’s a time for pushing and learning and stepping outside comfort zones, and there’s also a time for chilling out, for hanging together with no agenda. For me, that time is late summer. I’m exhausted from nearly four months of unrelenting heat and humidity and all I really want to do is rest. And not sweat.

Surely Tank must appreciate a break as well. I make sure he maintains a certain level of respect and manners, but he’s a good guy and a mature horse. He does that almost automatically. I think he enjoys his work overall, but even when you enjoy it, isn’t it nice to have a break?

So, yes, this is our fallow time. The time we spend doing nothing, or perhaps having a water bath from the hose. The time for me to listen to the cicadas, watch the dragonflies, smell hot horse. The time for him to search for the most succulent grassy patches. No, I won’t feel guilty about this after all. There will be plenty of time for games and longeing, for practicing our jumping or lead changes, when it’s cooler and we both have more energy. For now, we’ll roam the property looking for shady spots to graze, walk up and down the dirt road looking at the cows, slurp down carrots and bananas, and chill (as much as we can when it’s 95 degrees).

Why do we always feel like we have to accomplish something? Tick off a box or cross out an item on a to-do list? Do you allow yourself to have some “chillin’ time”? What do you do—or stop doing?

Tank's favorite way to chill

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  1. Dear Kathy - this is exactly how I am feeling right now (not because of the heat but the days growing shorter). I want to slow down and do some chillin too. Soon will be busy with getting ready for winter and then the holidays...Sept. is certainly a good month to catch one's breath. Thanks for reminding me!! Hugs

  2. Debbie--Sept. is a reflective month, isn't it? Hope you get to catch your breath and prepare for the busy holiday season coming up!

  3. To it seems like a paradise to be hanging out with this gorgeous horse friend or to be riding together. It brings me back to the longing I had as a child to ride, to have a horse. (it wasn't meant to be...)
    Yes, heat tires me & it was why I moved to Maine so many years ago. I'm in reverse of your energy, I am now more energized than I was a month ago. It's so delightfully cool & sunny here! I'm aware that my outdoor time will be shortened pretty soon...I like reading your thoughts about accepting that there are times when we need to follow our natural energy...Acceptance is the key...

  4. Rita--It is paradise to hang out with Tank, even when it's hot. I still can't believe he's mine. I'm expecting to regain my energy as the temperatures cool off. I'm gradually learning not to force myself into working and striving so hard ALL the time, but to paying attention to the flow of life and energy and going with it. And, as you say, accepting it.

  5. That is so nice that you go and just enjoy being together. He sure is handsome.

    Last week, I had 4 days of just hanging out with Cary, enjoying the green trees and grass, listening to an awesome radio station out of The Dalles and reading my book. It was very nourishing to my soul. No dogs, no responsibility.


    Kathy M.

  6. Kathy--That sounds so wonderfu...especially the no responsibility part. You needed a break and I'm so happy you're getting one! Thanks for stopping by to visit.