Oh, No--It's Summer!

May 30, 2014

I feel like I’m the opposite of most people because I dread summer, and my summer plans mostly involve figuring out how to stay inside as much as possible. If I could hibernate during summer, I would! But since I can’t, I’m going to make the best of the new season by finding ways to make summer fun instead of a time to be endured. I’m going to work less, have more fun, shake up the routine, and just generally be more relaxed. Here are some of the things I want to do this summer when Florida’s temperatures and humidity make hibernating look appealing:

  • Institute Friday movie nights—my husband and I plan to pop some popcorn and rewatch some old favorites—like My Cousin Vinny and The Princess Bride. (I’m going to slip in Mama Mia! and My Life in Ruins, but I doubt I’ll get him to watch those with me! He can watch something more manly while I’m reveling in Greek scenery and romance.)
  • Spend time with friends. I have two friends coming in from out of town this summer, and I’m going to make the time to be with them, even if I have to—gasp!—let my normal work slide. I’m also going to make more time for getting together with local friends—I’ve been missing our long breakfasts/lunches/coffee dates
  • Reinstate “Summer Reruns” on the blog—once a month I’ll rerun a favorite post from a previous year.
  • Read at whim, regardless of bookish challenges. I want to read Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in making summer reading plans. Fear not, though—I’ll be reading plenty, hopefully while relaxing on a chaise lounge and sipping some cold iced tea. (Note to self: make iced tea.)
If you ask nicely, I might move.
You’ll notice that not one of those things would fit on a traditional to-do list. I’ve got more than enough of those floating around—in fact, I should add “discard projects and goals” to the above list so I can indulge in my summer plans with no guilt feelings. Too often when I find life a little uncomfortable, I mope around feeling sorry for myself or helpless to make things better instead of looking for ways to add simple pleasures to my days. You can see from the above list that it doesn’t take much to make me feel happier—and you’re probably the same. So this summer I’m going to actively pursue my favorite simple pleasures—and maybe a few everyday adventures—instead of letting the hot, humid weather get me down.

What are some of your summer plans?

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  1. You go, girl! I'll see you in December. I'm going to take a long summer's nap…zzzzzzz z z z z

  2. Man, your cat is so darn cute I think I would let her (it is a she, isn't she ... ?) sit there for as long as she wants. Okay, only if there were another chair for me! I love that fluffy tail! I am so with you when it comes to not liking summer and predictably we have gone from unseasonably cool to summery temps--mid 80s and humid. So far I have held out turning on the air as I love having windows open, but I know those days are numbered. Your plans sound great--I am forming a few reading plans right now--corralling books and shall reveal all very soon ..... Mostly I'll still read randomly but I like having a summertime reading destination, and I am trying a new locale this summer. (Seeing as I can't afford to really go anywhere--books are always the next best thing). I like your idea of summer blog reruns and I might just follow suit. Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!

  3. Laure--I see I have company in my desire to hibernate! Perhaps you'd like to try one of the root beer float ice pops?

  4. Danielle--She is cute, isn't she? She does pretty much get her way. I love opening the windows, too, and I know I won't be able to again until probably December. Ugh. But I am very grateful for air conditioning, and I can always read no matter what the temperature.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your summer reading plans--and finding out where you'll "go."

  5. I too dread summer. We're heading up to Minneapolis to babysit our grandson next week so it should be cooler there (and lots more fun!). Then in July we're going to Colorado for a few days and then on to Phoenix for a cousin's 70th birthday party. I'm looking forward to seeing the cousin but not to being in Phoenix in July! And finally, I just decided a few days ago to go to the Create Mixed Media retreat in Chicago in August. I doubt if Chicago is cool, but I guess I'll be inside in air conditioning the whole time.

  6. Cheryl--You have a busy summer planned! It sounds like fun, and I'm sure the AC in Phoenix will be running full blast. It's great to have things to look forward to--helps to get us through the hot, uncomfortable days and into my favorite season, fall!

  7. Inspirational post: I don't do well with heat, so summer can be hard for me. I do have a lot of fun things to look forward though. There are so many arts & music events & workshops in this area as it is popular with summer visitors.
    I have certain movies that are my re-runs, that make me laugh & smile: My Life in Ruins is one. Also New in Town, Did You Hear About the Morgans.

  8. Rita--I'll have to check out the movies you mentioned--I've not seen either of them. I'm glad you have happy things to look forward to, despite the heat. I'm going to be more proactive about planning fun things this summer.