I Love a Good Putter*

May 05, 2014

Already out of sync because of last week’s computer fiasco, this weekend I threw aside my usual routines for two days of puttering. Instead of riding Tank, working out, doing laundry and other household things, I:
  • Took a nap in the recliner (because Scout doesn’t understand the concept of sleeping in on the weekend, I had to walk her early Saturday morning since it was too early to just let her out in the backyard—she can be a noisy dog, and I want to remain friends with my neighbors).
  • Repotted a few orchids that were looking peaky. 
  • Puttered about town with my husband while he looked for tomato cages and a few other gardening items. We stopped at a place we’ve driven by for years—it turned out to be full of winding paths, ironwork, garden statuary, interesting plants, and…baby peacocks! And I did not have my camera! I will be going back.
  • Ate lunch with my husband at a favorite local restaurant. We both work at home so it feels like we’re always together, but really we don’t spend much time actually interacting. It was fun chatting and eating food someone else cooked.
  • Took off the winter slipcovers and replaced them with the summer ones. I’ll do the bed linens today.
  • Finished off the weekend by drinking a glass of wine and reading out on the lanai.

Prudy supervises the puttering

Though I felt a bit guilty about skipping some of my normal weekend activities, I think it’s good to change things up now and then, to wander through town with no real agenda, to blow off formal exercise for puttering around the house and yard. The laundry and elliptical machine will still be there. (Unfortunately.) And I finally trust myself to return to my healthy and organized habits after a brief break—I’m not going to throw all my systems to the wind and never return to my responsibilities. A weekend spent puttering refreshed me, helping me to look forward to what I hope will be a busy and productive week.

What would you do if you had a free weekend? What simple pleasures and everyday adventures would you like to indulge in?

*and I am not referring to the golf club.

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  1. Dear Kathy - first and foremost - good for you...everyone needs a break. Glad to see that Prudy was doing the same.
    I love days when I can just putter - sometimes I think I need more of these and less of the others (LOL) - hope you have a great week.

  2. Debbie--I'm glad I was able to let go of the schedule. Hope you have a great week, too!

  3. Puttering, such a fun word. The key for me seems to be to not feel guilty when taking it easy. I love evening couch time...reading, movies, spontaneous relaxing stuff before bed. Love how you enjoyed your weekend break.

  4. I'm behind in my blog reading, so just getting to this today (another weekend already). Since you felt refreshed with your weekend, you must have needed the break. No need to feel guilty! Glad you gave yourself permission to putter.

  5. Rita--We should embrace our puttering, not feel guilty about it, right? Guess we all need to work on that.

  6. Cheryl--Funny that we need "permission" to putter. I'm still working on not feeling guilty, but I'm getting better.