If Only

October 05, 2011

“Fear is temporary. Regret is forever.”
—Seen on a t-shirt

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  1. Too true...unless of course it involves anything like Bungee jumping. Then my regret is fleeting and my fear is forever and non negotiable :)

  2. So true about many things. I just don't ever regret not doing dangerous things but other things, yes the fear is temporary. I've learned that trying to be brave for my grandkids. Jump into a cold (okay, not so cold but cool)pool just to get the grandkids to go swimming. I wouldn't have done that for my own kids. Grandkids have a way of getting you to take the chance. Who can be a wimp in front of their grandkids?

  3. Possum--I think I have to draw the line at bungee jumping... But if I REALLY WANTED to try bungee jumping, I hope I wouldn't let fear stop me.

  4. Timaree--You must be a fantastic grandma! It's amazing what we can do when we want to encourage someone else, even jump into a cold pool!