October 19, 2011

“If your artist within is starving, then your spirit is starving. You cannot cut off a true part of yourself—and everyone has an artist in his or her heart—without doing damage to the rest of who you are. Spend a few moments remembering how you used to create, and commit yourself to carving out the time in your busy adult life for continued creation.”
—Gay Hendricks, A Year of Living Consciously

What will you do to feed your inner artist?

I take classes with Laure Ferlita...

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  1. Ditto! And other classes. Sometimes I sign up for too many classes and that can be a spirit downer. Too much of a good thing doesn't make more good sometimes but feeding the spirit is important.

  2. Timaree--I guess maybe we can overfeed the spirit, too! Something to think about when filling our days.