Shameless Self Promotion

June 21, 2011

Visit Healthy Head 2 Toe to read my most recent health articles:

Top Ten Healthy Habits of Fit Women

5 Full Body Exercises You Can Do At Home

5 Full Body Exercises You Can Do At the Office

10 Tips for a Strong Immune System

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

10 Time-Saving Ways Women Can Relax

10 Healthy Living Tips to Boost Your Mood

10 Natural Ways to Stay Energized All Day

Why Busy Women Need to Relax

Funny how good health boils down to a few simple principles. Why are they so hard to follow consistently?

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  1. Well, if we can't toot our own horns, who will?!

    Hmmm...what does it say about me that I found myself clicking on the articles about relaxing and then the one on ways to stay energized?

    I have trouble being consistent, too, but my intentions are good.

  2. Thanks for checking these out, Elizabeth!

    I think we're all a bundle of inconsistencies!