Happy at Home

October 24, 2016

I came home from my trip to California to see my parents to find the weather here has turned fall-ish! Between that and the rejuvenation of my visit, I feel like a new person.

I indulged in some favorite simple pleasures, such as stopping at Granzella’s for a sandwich and a walk through their gift shop. I practiced yoga twice, and took several walks around my mom’s property, making the acquaintance of some cows and some horses.

How now brown cow?

The ladies next door

One of my favorite things is the way it smells out there. I breathed deeply as I explored the landscape of my childhood summers.

I bought books at Cal’s used bookstore (and had to have them shipped home since they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase). One afternoon, my aunt and cousin came for tea and a cutthroat game of dominoes.

At my dad’s I went shopping with my stepmom, filled up on my dad’s delicious salad, admired the changes they’d made to their home, and loved on their kitty.

Best. Salad. Ever.


I always become introspective on trips. Somehow the distance from my everyday life lends itself to pondering. This trip was no different. Two main themes developed: consciousness of mortality and gratitude.

I don’t think about dying often but on this trip I realized that continued life is not a guarantee. I’m blessed to have my parents still living, but they are both aging and have health problems (though they’re hanging in there and following doctors’ orders). I can’t help but worry about them and wish I could check in on them in person more frequently. Seeing their challenges makes me want to take better care of myself to give myself the best chance possible to have healthy senior years.

Also, to bring the mortality theme home, while I was in California, a good friend of mine from high school died from an aneurysm. He was just 52.

While I’m sobered, I’m also filled with gratitude. I love my life right now! Overall, things are going the way I want them to go. I have work, friends, family, and animals that I love. I was ready to come home when my trip was done instead of wanting to extend it for more days.

I’m all unpacked and the suitcase is put away. Because of the East Coast/West Coast time difference, I’m still having trouble going to sleep (and staying asleep), but that will pass. I’m back at my Monday morning exercise class today and will likely ride Tank tomorrow. I’m grateful. I’m lucky.

I’m happy at home.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect trip; a good time was had and you were ready to be home at the end. I'm sorry to read about your friend; 52 is so young (coming from one who is 61)! It is really sobering when friends and or family of our own age or younger die. Both Glen and I have had a cousin die in the past year. Both were older than we are, but not a generation older. And my brother is fighting prostate cancer now. So I understand why you're thinking about mortality; it's been on my mind lately too.

  2. Cheryl--Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he is recovering. It does seem to be a sobering time, perhaps because of getting older and seeing family members get older and begin to have problems. All the more reason to be grateful for and enjoy all that we have right now.

  3. Dear Kathy sounds like you had a lovely time visiting your family. Sorry to read about your friend. It makes one realize how important it is to number our days wisely. Take care. Hope you have caught up on your rest.

  4. I did, Debbie. And I'm back to sleeping normally again, too, thanks.