It's the Little Things

March 09, 2015

I hope you had as pleasant a weekend as I did. My mother-in-law came for an overnight visit, which gave me an excuse to drop my usual routine and go with the flow. I don’t know about you, but I too often become slave to my schedule and to-do list (out of fear that I’ll slack off and get too far behind to catch up!) instead of staying in the moment and doing what feels right. This weekend, I relaxed more, spent time talking with Mom and followed my instincts regarding the things I did.  Despite “losing” an hour to Daylight Saving Time, I ended up having the most delight-ful weekend, as well as accomplishing the following:

Ate at a new local restaurant we’ve been meaning to try for breakfast Sunday.

Repotted plants. A few of my orchids needed attention, and I had a new rosemary plant to take out of its peat pot as well as some tiny basil seedlings that needed transplanting.

Trimmed catnip leaves to dry for Prudy (and a few of my friends who also have catnip-loving cats).

Cleaned and refilled the birdbath.

Refilled the squirrel bird feeder outside my office window.

Bathed Scout and washed her dog bed.

Took Prudy on a supervised wander in the back yard.

Picked some volunteer Florida Everglades tomatoes (and ate them).

Watched an episode of The Gilmore Girls from a library DVD while I planned my week.

Sorted through some old magazines, keeping the few pages I wanted and letting the rest go.

So often it’s the little things, the simple pleasures, that add up to happy days—both now and in the future. Even though I did only what I felt like doing, I still got many things done. And I’ll enjoy the results, when my orchids bloom, when we eat the fresh herbs, and when I watch the squirrels birds on the feeder.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It sounds like a very nice weekend! I taught on Saturday and then we frittered away most of Sunday…I'm not sure what we did, but it was nice after a stressful week.

  2. What a delightful time. I love how you let go of the left brain list and flowed and ended up getting the list stuff done anyway. Your list stuff seems very pleasurable. My daily list is esential for me because I'm prone to dillying and dallying and then getting anxious over what is left to be done...

  3. Laure--Frittering is a lot like puttering. Good for the soul, especially when coming after a hard week.

  4. Rita--I'm always surprised at how much I get done when I allow that flow...kind of knocks in the head the idea of being lazy. I'm definitely a dilly-dallyer myself, so I know what you mean. It helps a little to realize there will always be more to do than I have time to do, and that I can just do my best and relax about the rest.

  5. Dear Kathy - your week-end sounds like it was delightful. I understand the feeling of letting go of the to do list (I always have one too) and living in the moment. Sounds like you did this and found that you still accomplished much and found joy along the way!

  6. Debbie--I did, and it makes me think that perhaps I should take a day every week and go with the flow!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I traveled to Texas for a quilting event that I hope to write about at some point; maybe after I finish one of the projects I started.

  8. Cheryl--I look forward to hearing about your event and seeing your project. I have a friend who just started quilting and I told her about your quilts--need to forward a link to your blog so she can see for herself.