How Happy Are You?

March 23, 2015

You probably already have a general idea of how happy you are, but did you know there are many quizzes and questionnaires on the Internet that you can use to learn more about how different aspects of life contribute to happiness? If you’re interested in positive psychology and how to improve levels of happiness, you might want to check out one or more of these. Each test is slightly different and none takes longer than a few minutes to complete.

Visit the Authentic Happiness website for a selection of questionnaires to help you evaluate different aspects of happiness.

Take a Happiness Quiz at The Pursuit of Happiness website. 

See how the Brits evaluate happiness by filling out the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire

I got a B+ on the Blue Zones True Happiness Test provides happiness testing every couple of weeks for members, as well as a host of activities designed to improve happiness levels. “Tracks” focus on the concepts of Savoring, Thanking, Aspiring, Giving, and Empathizing. Access to the basic happiness tracks is free.

The benefit of these questionnaires and quizzes, in my opinion, is that they help you think about your life in specific terms. What is going well? How many stressful events have you endured lately? What types of emotions have been surfacing? What could be improved? They can also help you notice how good your life really is by helping you to focus on the positives. A little reflection can go a long way towards improving your overall happiness.

So…how happy are you?

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  1. Hmm. I'm not unhappy but I am not sure I am always happy--how do you measure happiness--this is something I am working on in my life--it has been an ongoing project with me the last few years. Definitely a work in progress!

  2. Danielle--That's what I like about these quizzes and about Happify in particular. They help you see the different aspects of life that contribute to happiness, and how you can influence them to become happier. And I think we're all works in progress when it comes to building a satisfying and happy life. I hope you have a very happy week!