My 2015 Word of the Year

January 30, 2015

I’ve had mixed success with the word of the year concept. While I’ve learned from and tried to permanently incorporate the connotations of my previous words of the year (open, light, passion, and the “secret” word I never wrote about in 2014, brave), I have not always felt that I fully embraced the concept. I tend to set a word of the year and mostly forget it, rather than draw on it for inspiration and guidance throughout the year.

In contemplating this situation, I realized that previous words had something in common: they were ways in which I wanted to change myself. And while self-improvement and change are good, and I’m certainly not saying I don’t need to continue to change and grow, I am, frankly, tired. In 2015, I need less struggle and more flow. Just for a little while, I want to leave myself alone and become more accepting of who I am right now.

So this year’s word of the year is…



Delight does not require that I struggle to be something I’m not. I don’t have to strive for it. I just have to pay attention to the delight that already exists in my life, and to actively seek delight in all that I do. Delight gives me permission to enjoy life, to turn my attention onto what’s going well rather than focus on what I want to be different. With delight to guide me, I’ll be more likely to say yes to what sounds fun, as well as look for the pleasure in all the everyday tasks and responsibilities I have.

I don’t have to look far to find things that delight me: my wonderful animals, a stack of books to read, blooming orchids, a good cup of coffee, the jumble of art supplies stacked in my office. I’m easy to please, and choosing delight as word of the year seems like something to look forward to!

I’ve read that we attract what we focus on. I’m eager to see just how much delight I can draw into my life in 2015. I’ll keep you posted.

What delights you? Have you chosen a word of the year? Do share.

Prudy delights in destruction.

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  1. I love the word you have chosen. Looking forward to hearing about your delights. It's a fantastic word.

    I think I would choose the word "Calm". I tend to let the world make me a little crazy and emotional. (as you witnessed) and I forget to work on changing the things I can and accepting the things I can change.

    Question: What was the name of the book that you mentioned while we were at the trolley stop with the word "magic' in the title. We were talking about Danny Gregory's books and a few others.

  2. I take great delight in reading your writing. I hit on your 2012 word of the year," Passion", & now am enjoying the difference between your two words and the similiarities. I loved reading about how your began horsebacking riding. I guess the word "courage" struck me when I read that. Word of the year, doesn't seem possible for me right now. But word of the moment for me is "perseverence."

  3. Good for you for choosing such a delightful (har har) word for the year. Focusing on what delights you sounds like a great start for the year. My word for the year is original. Like you, I've chosen a word in the past and then mostly forgotten it. So we'll see how it goes for us this year.

  4. Cheryl--Let's just assume that we were practiciing up in previous years, and that this year we'll be more "successful" in exploring our words of the year.

  5. Clare--Calm sounds like a good word to focus on.

    The book we were talking about is called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and it's by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's not due to come out until the fall, so that's something to look forward to.

  6. Rita--Sometimes "courage" does come into play while riding! Even though my horse is gentle and safe, I still have to negotiate with fear when we try something new, or when something unexpected happens. "Passion" helps to get me through those times.

    Hmmm, sounds like you may be experiencing some tough times if perseverance is appealing right now. I'm sorry to hear that, and hope things smooth themselves out soon. I've heard some people do focus on a word for shorter periods of time--a month, a quarter, etc., so that might be a better fit for you anyway if you want to experiment with it.

  7. I remember reading this some time ago, but I guess I forgot to leave a comment. I think Delight is a great word for you in 2015 and I hope that it blesses you with much this year.

    I too have been choosing a word back to 2009, with various results. But, I've always found it comforting to have a companion word/phrase for the year. I was struggling at the beginning of this year to choose a word, or continue with "reimagine" from last year. But... then a short phrase popped into my head and I said "yep, that's it!". So... my phrase for 2015 is "Lighten up" and I mean that in lots of different ways. ;-)

  8. Claire--It's a lot of fun having delight as a focus! I have to make an effort to look for ways to take delight in the everyday, as well as plan for and accept opportunities that spark delight.

    Isn't it funny how the word or phrase that's right just sort of comes out of nowhere, but you KNOW it's right when you hear it? Hope this year brings all the best types of lightening up your way.

    P.S. Your comments delight me!