Link Love the Twelfth

February 27, 2015

Happy Friday! You know what that means: the weekend is almost here. Time to play! If it’s too cold to play outside, or you just feel like playing online instead, here’s a dose of Link Love. Enjoy!

If you don’t have much time to practice your passion, you need to make that practice smarter. Leanne Sowul’s guest post “5 Ways to Practice Smarter When You Don’t Have Much Time to Practice” explains how.  I used several of these principles during my recent 31-Days-of-Sketching experiment

This old (2013) post on Raptitude contains some solid common sense. But like David, I don’t always live what I know. I’m looking at you, number 10. For even more common sense advice, click here

Leo Babauta consistently posts thoughtful and well-written pieces on Zen Habits. Two of my recent favorites: “Getting Lost in Just Doing” and “An Addict’s Guide to Overcoming the Distraction Habit.”

“Busyness is a lie that will break you.” So much to love about this post.

I already have too many hobbies, but I know people who are looking for something new to try. If you’re one of them, check out Hobby Club.  Every month, you’ll get to try something new, and the cost is only $12 for the entire year!

Meerkat cam

I love this video for one of my favorite songs, Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”

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  1. Thanks for this post Kathy. Love the video too. Loved the expressions of the own-lookers. One would think that being retired I would use my time more wisely and play more. After all I have the time to do what I want but I do get caught up in the minutia of life.
    Love the Meerkat cam. Since I miss the beach so much I watch the Sombrero Beach Cam in Marathon where we go in the spring.

    Thanks for the reminder to take time to play and take care of myself.

    Are you traveling with Laure this spring. I'm taking the classroom class and the past vacation parts 1&2 and will probably take the 'trip to

  2. Clare--That minutia of life gets us every time, doesn't it? I hope you will take the time to play--it's just as important as all of the to-dos.

    Wow--you'll be traveling with Laure all spring! I'm not sure if I'll be taking a class in the next couple of months, but I do plan to sketch. I'm taking a (real) trip with some friends to a farmhouse in GA in March. One of them is also an artist, so we're going to take our sketchbooks.

  3. Dear Kathy - what a great post for those of us stuck indoors because of the winter. Will be checking out these great links. Have a super day.

  4. Hope you enjoy them, Debbie! Stay warm.