Which Do You Say More Often: "I Can Hardly Wait" or "I Can Hardly Stand It"?

February 09, 2015

Crocus, anticipating spring!
I just came across the following idea in Chellie Campbell’s The Wealthy Spirit: Children have “I can hardly waits” while adults mostly have “I can hardly stand its.” Children are usually looking forward to something—school being out, a birthday, an exciting milestone. While adults, well, we are more often NOT looking forward to something—often those same somethings the kids are looking forward to!

I don’t know about you, but I thought being an adult would be more fun. Instead, I’m having my roof replaced, having the leaky dishwasher fixed and fighting the traffic while the county repaves the road that runs just outside my subdivision.  Fortunately, I’ve just remembered that I am the boss of me—and it’s time to follow Campbell’s advice to those of us with “I can’t stand its”: “Find something to look forward to with joy and focus on that.” 

But what if there’s nothing we especially look forward to? It’s time to schedule something! Maybe plan a summer trip, or buy tickets to a show or sporting event we want to see. If that’s not possible (and even when it is), schedule something smaller in the meantime. Plan to rent a movie and eat popcorn on Friday night with your spouse. Make a lunch date with a friend. Decide that at 8:30 tonight, you’ll curl up in bed with a good book. Just choose something you’ll enjoy and look forward to. Write these anticipated pleasures down in your calendar or on your to-do list.

I’m willing to bet you’re all fine, upstanding, law-abiding, tax-paying individuals. You give to those around you—now give to yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to. Simple pleasures and everyday adventures don’t plan themselves, you know. As for me, I’m looking forward to a visit from my two sisters-in-law, a Field Trip Friday involving a flea market, and a production of Annie at the local performing arts center. 

Now your turn. Fill in the blank: I can hardly wait until _________.

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  1. Love it!!!! ...I can't wait for a weekend visit from couple of friends. We're going to play at bookmaking. I can't wait to go to Mt. Desert Island for a day trip a friend. I can't wait to finish my French book which I read (with a dictionnary) at a local café. Thank you, once again. Awareness of these things, rather than taking them for granted makes me happy. Enjoy your upcoming can't waits!!

  2. Dear Kathy - I needed to read this particular post. Isn't it strange how one is always scheduling their errands, chores, etc but never planning for their fun. I think I will plan this week-end to stop at an art exhibit that is in our area. So I can hardly wait until Saturday to take in this art event! Thank you for reminding me to schedule some fun time. Hope you enjoy yours!

  3. Rita--Sounds like some really great things to look forward to! Positive expectations!

  4. Debbie--It is so true that we constantly schedule all of our must-dos, while forgetting to include some fun. I hope you enjoy the art exhibit and all the anticipation leading up to it!