Anything Might Be Possible

October 01, 2014

“After the keen still days of September, the October sun filled the world with mellow warmth...The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch. The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze. The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet. Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her...In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.”
—Elizabeth George Speare, The Witch of Blackbird Pond

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  1. It's a lovely passage from one of my favorite children's books. And here, yes, the brilliance of October is in full swing.

  2. Wonderful! We are supposed to get a cold front this weekend which will cool us off and dry us out--hope the prediction comes true! Until then, I'll enjoy the slant of the light, the breath of a breeze in the late afternoon, and photos of bright leaves.

  3. This is a lovely verse Kathy. On a sunny day when the trees are burning brilliantly in color - one know that anything is possible. Hope you have a great day.

  4. There's something about that bright color that's so uplifting. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie.