Homes Sweet Homes

October 20, 2014

Lucky me.

I can call more than one place home. There is, of course, my home here in Florida, where I’ve lived for more than 20 years, raised my son, put down roots. And there is California, the home of my birth and growing-up years, where my parents still live, and, I confess, where a piece of my heart remains. I just returned from a 10-day trip to California, and while I loved my time there, I was so very happy to come…home.

Always have to stop here for coffee!
When I arrive in CA, I always want to do everything at once—hug everyone, pet the cats (we all have cats), hear what’s been going on, go shopping, play games, and eat all the special foods they always have for me. I told everyone that I mainly wanted to just hang out and relax; they weren’t to worry about “entertaining” me. I run around enough at home. So that’s mainly what we did—I was able to sleep eight and nine hours a night without an elderly dog waking me up, I had time to read, and I even did a couple of watercolor sketches! We did go on a few planned outings—to Turtle Bay and the Sundial Bridge (look for a Field Trip Friday soon), and my favorite used bookstore with my mom; lunch out and a shopping trip with my stepmom. And since my Rays were not in the playoffs, I rooted for my stepmom’s favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, in their playoff games against Saint Louis. (They won and will be meeting the Kansas City Royals in the World Series starting tomorrow.)

One of my favorite places--the old cow barn at my mom's


My dad making my favorite salad.
When I come back to Florida, I want to sleep in my own bed, drink my morning coffee made just so, wear the clothes I didn’t take on the trip…you get the idea. Now that I’m home home, I’m appreciating my life more: my work, my leisure, my little routines and treats. Whether it was because of the rest I got while in CA, or the fallish (for FL) weather, I feel reenergized and more awake. Ready to tackle daily life again. Grateful for the people, pets and places—the simple pleasures and everyday adventures—that feel like home.

My mom's newest addition

Misty, my dad and stepmom's cat
Like I said, lucky me.

Has anything reenergized you lately?

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  1. Welcome Home! Looks and sounds like you have a wonderful visit.

  2. Thanks, Laure--it was a refreshing break, and a good time was had by all.

  3. Dear Kathy, your vacation sounds like it was wonderful. So glad too. Amazing how when one gets away it rejuvenates us when we get home. Hope you have a lovely week. Enjoy being back home! Hugs.

  4. Thanks, Debbie. It was wonderful to go, and just as wonderful to come home. Hope you're having a great week as well.

  5. Glad you had such a good trip. We just returned from a very short trip to a nice state park in Arkansas, where we saw beautiful fall colors. But I too always enjoy returning home.

  6. Cheryl--I love to travel, but I also love to be at home. I'm grateful that I feel that way, because I do spend most of my time at home!

    Did you do any sketching of the fall colors?

  7. I used to love visiting my parents, back in the home where I grew up. And like you, I also loved coming back to my new home (which is now my old home as i've been here longer than I was there.) They are both gone now, but I'm remembering that perhaps I might again take a trip back some time as I still have some friends there...Thank you...

  8. Rita--I've now been in Florida longer than I lived in California, and that seems so strange to me. I hope you do get to visit your old home and friends. How lucky we are to have more than one place that feels like home.