August 18, 2014

I pulled out my yoga mat and one of my favorite yoga DVDs on Saturday. Immediately I attracted the attention of Miss Prudy, who felt that yoga practice was not complete without her participation:

After a few minutes of licking and biting my toes, she retired to the bed where she napped until I finished my workout.


How was last week? Any new simple pleasures or everyday adventures to report?

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  1. Looks like Ms Prudy wanted to play and not exercise. I think she might be rather smart (LOL)! Great post and pics Kathy. Hope you are enjoying more wonderful pleasures. Have a great week.

  2. Egads! Is that the cute little kitten we fetched home from the pound?! Gracious, they don't stay little long do they?

    I can only imagine I'd be in traction if I tried yoga in my household. Maybe in a few more years when they're content to lounge about.

  3. Thanks, Debbie. Miss Prudy frequently wants to play--usually when it's least convenient for me!

  4. Laure--Oh, yes, she's quite a hefty girl now.

    I think it'd be downright dangerous for you to do yoga in your house right now. Your girls would definitely get into the act, with who-knows-what as a result. As you say, traction for you, probably.

  5. Oh, that is truly a simple and wonderful pleasure. Simple pleasure: I just got back from a walk in the woods in a small state park on the Bay. Cool breezy air, moss on tree roots, little beams of early evening light, ferns, and the smells, aaah, the smells of lush summer growth...It's nice to appreciate the simple pleasures, thank you.

  6. Rita, that sounds wonderful! I look forward to when it's cool enough here to enjoy a walk in the woods.