Sculpting Time

August 20, 2014

“Time is never lying around waiting for us to find her. She is elusive. She wants you to sculpt her like clay, to mold her into exactly the form you desire your days to take. If you refuse to do that, if you spend your mornings worrying and your afternoons catering to others, always hoping there will be a few minutes left for you, time will play you like a sucker, making you run harder and faster with each passing week. Time wants you to realize that she is the most precious and irreducible fact of your life. Make her into what you will.”
—Jennifer LoudenThe Woman’s Retreat Book

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  1. Dear Kathy - very wise words. At the end of our lives - how we spent our time really does matter. Hope you are spending some lovely moments enjoying these last days of August.

  2. Oh yes, yes, yes! But sometimes it's hard not to get swept up in the other stuff...(I do work at it...)

  3. Debbie--This quote just kind of hit me on the head--how often do I complain about not having time for something, when I'm the one in charge of my time? I really have no excuse.

    I'm doing my best to stay cool in these last days of August--a real challenge in steamy Florida. I'm also trying not to wish away the days until the cooler weather!

  4. Rita--Oh, yes, me, too. As I said to Debbie, I this quote really struck me. I need to remember it when I'm complaining about not having time for something!