Right in My Own Backyard

June 06, 2014

Some unusual things have been happening in my own back yard. This plant/tree is blooming:

Anyone know what it is? A neighbor gave us a piece trimmed from her tree (it looked like a three-pronged stick), and it’s growing leaves and blossoming. It smells nice, too.

The ginger is blooming:

So is the geranium:

And the angel wing begonia:

One of our sago palms has produced this:

A mature male Sago produces this cone every second or third year. (Though technically, this is in my front yard.)

On the downside, our dog, who is 15 years old, cut her leg badly enough to need stitches and a trip to the emergency vet. Then two days later, she came in from the backyard with a punctured foot—the vet says either a bite or an entrapment injury. She’s now on lockdown—can’t go out in the backyard without supervision—which doesn’t please her, but oh, well. She’s pretty much back to normal, and I’m taking her to have the stitches removed this morning. (I have pictures of those, too, but I’ll spare you!)

Even though I love to go exploring, it’s clear that there are plenty of everyday adventures to be had right in my own backyard.

What’s been happening in your backyard lately?

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the images from your backyard! Very exotic, little miracles, I think. So sorry to hear about your dog & glad to know she's healing up. Life gives us a mix. My backyard: I'm amazed at the birds that I see right outside my windows: a morning dove cooing, cardinals, today, a dark gray bird. It seems like for a brief moment they are stopping by to peek in & to say hello...
    To answer your question: I didn't sketch at the Farmer's Market. There were so many people that I felt less conspicuous just strolling, looking with a few photos & listening...

  2. Rita--It really is amazing what we see when we actually look around us.

    I don't think I would have sketched at the farmer's market either, not just because I'm still a bit shy about sketching in public, but also because so many interesting things were going on! Lots to take in as inspiration, and you can always sketch from photos later if you choose to.

  3. Thanks, Linda. Glad you stopped by.