My Depression Ate My Blog Post

February 07, 2022

The inspiration for the title of this blog post

Well, kind of. I missed my normal post day last week because I experienced a depressive episode. I’d been working on a post about mindset, focus, and expectations, and I just wasn’t able to finish and post it as I planned on Friday.

I don’t tell you this to ask for sympathy or make excuses. While I don’t want to dwell on them, I feel it’s important for us to be open about mental health struggles. I want Catching Happiness to be a place of uplift, peace, and inspiration. I want to contribute to the “happy” in the world, to offer encouragement, a positive attitude, and support to you, my dear readers and friends. I know we’re all facing our own challenges and troubles, and I believe we need to be real about how happy or unhappy we are, rather than ignore or gloss over what feels hard. 

Today is a better day. I’m leaning on the habits that (mostly) hold me together

Today is not as hard as Friday was. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe, I’ll even finish that blog post about focus, mindset, and expectations! 

Note: Jenny Lawson, “The Bloggess,” writes extremely well about the condition of depression, and I especially enjoyed “Is Today Hard?” (post contains adult language). 


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  1. I’m sorry you had a “depressive episode,” but I’m glad to read that today was a better day. I hope your days continue to improve.

  2. Kathy I think if most of us are honest we all suffer from "depressive episodes" from time to time. I remember reading your post in 2014. For several years now I have had my you - not suicidal or unable to get out of bed but a general feeling of anxiety and waiting for the next boot to fall. You seem to know the things you need to do to get "back in the saddle" so to speak. For me walking is key and it needs to be outdoors. In reality we have to give ourselves a break because the past couple of years have been extremely difficult. I am "looking up" for you - hope you will for me too. Hugs! P.S. Your posts are always uplifting and "real". Take care friend.

    1. Thanks, Debbie--I will definitely keep you in my thoughts. I know it's been a tough time for everyone. I hear you on the walking outside practice. I'm getting out in the fresh air and sunshine as much as I can. One of the benefits of living in Florida.