In Honor of My First Library Book Checkout in More Than Two Months

May 29, 2020

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

“Books are more than doctors, of course. Some novels are loving, lifelong companions; some give you a clip around the ear; others are friends who wrap you in warm towels when you’ve got those autumn blues. And some…well, some are pink candy floss that tingles in your brain for three seconds and leaves a blissful void. Like a short, torrid love affair.”
—The Little Paris Bookshop, Nina George

As I posted on Instagram yesterday, my local library system is gradually reopening, and one of my library holds came in and I picked it up via appointment. We're not yet allowed inside the library itself, so I’m eagerly awaiting the day I can indulge in the simple pleasure of wandering the stacks, breathing in the smell of books, and choosing a new read at random from the shelves. 

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  1. Just this morning I thought: This is a good time to read stories. Other times, other places, characters, truth and observation about human life....Since my own, concrete life is restricted, it would be a good time for this...Our library is similiar but I think it will be a long time before Interlibrary loan and going inside...I'm glad you are able to have some of your library back!

    1. Rita--So true! If ever there was a need for solace from books, this is it! I think it will be a while before we can go back inside, but I'm happy that they are slowly beginning to send out library holds that are within the county system. And while reading on an e-reader isn't my favorite, it's still a great way to immerse yourself in those stories. I'm fortunate in that my branch was one of the first to open book drops and to distribute holds and checkouts.