This Week in Bullet Points

October 28, 2019

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash
  • Still waiting for fall to make an appearance
  • Bathing and clipping Tank this week, since he’s grown a lovely and unnecessary winter coat already
  • Some real “circle of life” stuff happening (subscribe to the Happy Little Thoughts newsletter for more details) among my circle of friends
  • Marking the first anniversary of the death of my father
  • Preparing for the 2019 Gratitude Challenge, sponsored by Positively Present, which starts Friday
  • Little bit stunned that it’s almost November
  • Happy that yesterday’s car trouble turned out to be a dead battery and not something more serious expensive

What will your week hold?

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  1. Kathy it sounds like you are having a good week over all...understand about the anniversary of your father - I too have that day to get over. Glad the car wasn't serious. Hugs!

    1. Well, I made it through this week, so that's all to the good! Hope you have a great weekend!