Savor the Present

December 28, 2018

“One of the most important things I've learned during the last fifteen years is how to enjoy and savor the present. When I am writing, I am inside the sound and meaning of the words, playing with them, curling them around each other. When I am eating, I luxuriate in the taste and texture of every bite. When I am alone, I listen to and communicate with the silence within me and the noises and messages of the world around me.

“And when I am with people, I am really with them.”
—Rita Golden Gelman, Tales of a Female Nomad

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  1. This is very inspiring...And it takes continual practice for me! A beautiful photo!!

    1. Me, too, Rita. I'm always thinking about the next thing rather than savoring the current thing.

      The photo was taken in Paris--a photogenic city if ever there was one!