Happy Little Things--Beautiful Books

May 07, 2018

I’ve had an influx of beautiful books lately, so I thought I’d share this simple pleasure with you.

I was shopping at Target a couple of weeks ago when this book caught my eye:

First the pretty cover and then the enticing title: A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness. I picked it up to flip through and found that each page was unique. Thoughtfully written pieces were interspersed with happy illustrations and interactive goodies, such as tear out “Notecards for your beautiful moments jar.” The clincher that made me drop it into my basket—it is “a flow book.” (Flow is a magazine I’ve heard of but not yet seen in person. Since flow is my word of the year, my reticular activating system is constantly bringing it to my attention!)

I’m taking my time going through this book, savoring the simple pleasures within. On the back cover, it’s described as “A mindfulness retreat between two covers….” It has sections on kindness (to yourself and others), creativity, learning and more, as well as writing prompts, mini-journals, postcards, and decorative papers. I can see it sitting on a coffee table, available to browse through at whim. This was an impulse buy, but well worth the price.

Prudy likes it, too

The other beautiful books came to me by way of a contest! Rizzoli Books sponsored a giveaway on Instagram recently, and I won! The books arrived Friday. They’re all beautiful, and I know I’ll spend many happy hours browsing through them. 

 Two were of particular interest to me: Gardens of Style, by Janelle McCulloch, and Paris in Stride, by Jessie Kanelos Weiner and Sarah Moroz. Janelle writes and photographs the most beautiful books, and I’ve read her blog A Library of Design for several years. I claim her as a blogging acquaintance and hope to meet her someday as she sometimes visits Florida. 


Paris in Stride comes at just the right time, as I will be joining Laure Ferlita on her sketching tour in Paris in October! Paris in Stride is subtitled “an insider’s walking guide,” and is arranged by arrondissements, so I think it’s going to be helpful in planning our visit. Plus it’s charmingly illustrated in watercolor! (The books also came with a watercolor of the Eiffel Tour as seen below left.)


It will be hard to get my work done with these tempting beauties around!

What happy little things and simple pleasures have you savored lately?

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  1. Kathy I will be hunting that Flow magazine when I visit Barnes & Noble. Sounds like an extraordinary periodical. Your stack of books you won look fun as well. Take care and have a great start to your week. Hugs!

    1. Hope you find and enjoy Flow, Debbie. Let me know what you think.

  2. I was wondering, are you really going to Paris, or is it a virtual trip via Internet?
    I see you love your books...Perhaps one day you will publish your own beautiful book?

    1. Rita--Yes, we are really going to Paris! I haven't been for many years, and even then it was just for a day or two. I need to practice both my French and my sketching.

      It is a dream and goal of mine to publish my own book--I have a couple of ideas to work on. I will certainly share here when there's anything to share.