What to Pack For Adventure

April 07, 2017

I’m getting ready for an adventure! Tomorrow I take off to New Mexico and Arizona for another road trip with my friend Kerri. (Read about 2016’s Florida road trip adventures starting here.) 

Along with my clothes, books, camera, sketchbook, and journal, I’m preparing for this adventure by “packing”:
  • Anticipation—looking forward to my trip boosts my happiness starting weeks in advance.
  • Openness—to new experiences, foods, etc.
  • Curiosity—my chance to learn about a different area of the US.
  • Patience—because you know there will be challenges.
  • Sense of humor—see above!
  • Communication skills—even though Kerri and I travel well together, it’s always good to remember to listen, as well as to speak up when there’s something I want to do (or not do).

It’s likely that I can buy any physical item left behind, but if I leave behind any of these attitudes, my trip will surely be the worse for it.

When adventure comes calling, will you be ready? How do you prepare for adventure?

I’ll be packing these essential items for an even bigger adventure this summer: ITMR Trip to England! There are still a few spots available if you’d like to come, too!

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  1. Oh Kathy - hope you have a great road trip. New Mexico has always been a place I would love to see. Take lots of pics! Have much fun and Enjoy Enjoy! Hugs

  2. I just love how you are preparing...packing attitudes...you sound like wonderful travel companions...Yes, I love the anticipation of travel...

  3. Debbie--As you'll see from today's post, I took more than 700 photos! I had a great time, and we explored all kinds of cool places in Arizona and New Mexico. Stay tuned for further adventures :).

  4. Rita--We had a marvelous time...now it's hard getting back into our normal routines. Are you anticipating going any place soon?