Labor (of Love) Day

September 05, 2016

Today is Labor Day in the United States, a day “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” I’ll be spending it caring for my horse, checking in on a vacationing friend’s cats, making a birthday cake for my son, and puttering around the house doing chores that make our lives run smoothly and happily. My husband is grilling chicken and shrimp, my mother-in-law is visiting, and my son will be stopping by later to eat that cake (and probably do some laundry). We spent the first two days of this three-day weekend painting our bathroom and cleaning up after Hurricane Hermine (no damage, just a lot of debris in the yard). This hasn’t been a textbook example of a “relaxing” weekend, but it has been one full of family, food, and many of the simple pleasures that bring me deep satisfaction.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it brings you joy!

Storm debris: Eleven bags, two trash cans and a branch (not visible)

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  1. Dear Kathy your weekend sounds wonderful. In reality the simple chores and pleasures is what makes life so good. I know it works for me that way. Hope you have a great week. Hugs!

  2. Debbie--So nice that simple pleasures are accessible to all!

  3. Deep satisfaction from simple pleasures sounds much better than generic relaxing. Glad you had such a good weekend.