Like Flowing Water

September 28, 2016

Photo courtesy Ales Krivec

“If you leave a puddle of water standing for a few days, it will become poisonous and nasty, ridden with algae and bug larvae. On the other hand, you can get fresh, clean drinking water from a spring that has been running for a thousand years. People who refuse to change are stagnant and old by their twenties. People who actually pursue change are guaranteed to die young. They are like flowing water, forever refreshed and refreshing.”
—Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star

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  1. Dear Kathy wonderful thoughts. Needed to read this because I do not embrace change well. :) Better start now before I die old!! Hugs

  2. Debbie--I don't embrace change well, either, so this quote is for me, too, believe me. Something for us to be mindful of!

  3. Isn't it interesting how change and growth are so vital to the spirit, and yet I so often resist new things. I just went through that with my new French class. I did NOT want to do it, but now I've realized how stagnant I'd become with my French language and I am loving it. Have fun at your Orchid Fair! Perhaps you will get to sketch...?

  4. Rita--So glad your new class is inspiring you again. I did sketch at the Orchid Expo, and came home with three new orchids to fuss over.