What Happiness Is Not

January 20, 2016

Photo courtesy Maria Victoria Heredia Reyes

“The absence of unhappiness is not happiness.”
—Peter Jones, How to Do Everything and Be Happy

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    My camera caught her in her prime,
    Her hair jet black as coal
    And all because she looked sublime,
    She captured heart and soul...
    My gorgeous girl, she sure looked nice,
    Distinctive in that light,
    Delicate strawberry lips, precise,
    Her beauty at its height...

    She stared at distant scenes ahead,
    While I stood near transfixed,
    My blushing cheeks becoming red,
    In love, yet feelings mixed...
    For who was I to stand a chance
    With someone such as she,
    With all the courage to advance,
    To find true harmony?

    Though my heart sank, my head stayed still,
    My eyes set on her smile,
    Then heartbeat rising from the thrill
    Of such a cute profile...
    Then she saw me, just standing there,
    Aware I stood in awe,
    Within a dream, beyond all care,
    How could I want for more?

    She grinned at such a lovesick fool,
    A puppet on a string
    And yet, somehow, she thought it cool,
    At all that love could bring...
    And in that minute she came near,
    Right here, to ask my name,
    Then perfect love cast out my fear,
    My sweetheart's love to claim...

    Denis Martindale, copyright January 2016.


  2. Dear Kathy lovely photo with a good thought. Denis did a lovely job with a good poem to go along with this picture. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs!

  3. Denis--Thanks for stopping by and sharing this lovely poem.

  4. Debbie--A bonus today: a quote and a poem! Hope you're having a great day, too!