New Year, New Links to Love

January 29, 2016

We’ve nearly made it through the first month of a brand new year. Have you been thinking about your goals and dreams for 2016? I have, and I’ve begun working towards making them reality. Here are a few links that have inspired me so far:

Laura Vanderkam fascinates me. She has four children, and she’s ridiculously productive as a writer and speaker. I do know how she does it, because she writes often about the intricacies of combining work and family on her blog, and has also written a book called I Know How She Does It, (which I haven’t read yet). There are several bits of useful information about making the most of your time in “14 Time Management Strategies From Highly Productive People.” 

Click here for a list of 100 ways to do something nice for someone else. As blogger Dani DiPirro writes, “We all have the power to do something kind for others, to make the world a better place by taking positive action….” 

Laure Ferlita pointed me in the direction of “12 Things I AmToo Wise For.” I liked the author’s use of “wise” rather than “old,” because, as she notes, “Wisdom is affected by your own experiences, preferences and thoughts. You can be wise at any age.” While I’m not young anymore, I don’t feel like I’m old either.  This reminded me a little of “Just (Don’t) Do It.” 

Do you want 2016 to be your most productive year ever? This interview with Spark Planner creator Kate Matsudaira is full of great information. 

Five science-based habits that will make your brain happy. I did the last one this morning!

It’s the end of January and many people are already struggling with their goals and resolutions. In “The Great Myth About Getting in Shape (and Every Other Goal),” David Cain explains why trading quality of life now for quality of life later isn’t sustainable. As he writes, “We’re too interested in keeping our lives enjoyable. You cannot voluntarily make all your days worse for months in the name of optional rewards in the future. A good goal has to improve your life now, and nearly every day between now and the final result. The long-term reward is never going to drive you to keep living a life you don’t like in the short term.”

And just for fun, sing along with Adele as she sings along with the radio (and James Corden).

Happy Friday!

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  1. Dear Kathy - all your links like they will be great. Certainly going to check them out. Thanks for your inspirational post friend. Hope you have a super week. Hugs!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. Hope you enjoy the links, and that you have a great week, too!