Link Love—Too Darn Hot Edition

August 28, 2015

I’m done with summer. I want to cry every time I go outside. It’s been hot and humid for a long, long time and I’M TIRED OF SWEATING EVEN WHEN ALL I’VE DONE IS GET THE NEWSPAPER FROM THE DRIVEWAY. Sorry about that—just my little rant for the day. Instead of putting my antiperspirant to the test, I think I’ll stay indoors and surf the ’net. Want to join me?

Does happiness scare you? Check out this post for ways to allow yourself to feel joy.

Solo travel—for women, it's one contributing factor for happiness. turns quotes and concepts into cartoons. I discovered the site through this one. Here are two more of my favorites: and 

The Yet Mindset. It’s more empowering than simply saying “I can’t.”

Can reading make you happier? I think so. And so does Ceridwen Dovey in “Can Reading Make You Happier?” 

It might seem odd to include this link in Link Love, but “Is It Time for a Digital Break?” As summer winds down, wouldn’t it be nice to take a day, a few days, a week, away from the digital world, clear your mind, and get ready for the season to come? 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I totally feel for you! I hate the humidity and know I would never be able to live in FL. I seem to tolerate it less and less--even here where our summer has been relatively 'cool' compared to other summers. It has been rainy and so very sticky, but not like the worst summers when it is over a 100 AND with humidity. I hope it lessens for you soon. I wish I could have sent you some cool mountain air from CO--we totally lucked out as it was unbelievably nice there.

  2. Ha--love the select the right photos to make sure you are not a robot--now that is a new one! ;)

  3. Danielle--Part of the problem for me is that the humidity lasts for so long. I could take it better if it were only a couple of months a year, but it's more like 10 months a year. Even when it's not hot, sometimes it's still humid.

    Yes, I wish you could have sent me some CO air--love that crisp dryness. Beautiful scenery--and thanks for the postcard!

  4. That must be a new thing Blogger is doing for the captcha--hope it doesn't become a pain in the neck!

  5. Dear Kathy I sure understand about the humidity. It makes me drag as well. Hope relief is coming your way soon. Want to check out your links. They look like good reading. Try to stay cool friend. Hugs

  6. Debbie--We've still got a couple of months before it really breaks, but hopefully we'll have a few cooler moments between now and then. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my AC!