Morning Walk

April 17, 2015

It poured last night, so I expected the air to be soupy this morning, but it’s surprisingly cool and fresh. As I walk, hear birds chirping, see cardinals, a catbird, and a blue jay flitting about. I also see a hawk glide silently to a perch high in tree.

Since I’m alone and not walking for exercise (i.e., fast), I notice things I frequently miss: the way the traffic along the main road near us hums almost harmoniously; the large shell ginger plants outside someone’s backyard, heavy with flowers; star jasmine scenting my own backyard. I see places where wild hogs have rooted through the woods looking for food. When I look up, I see spring green leaves forming a canopy over the path. Simple pleasures usually lost in the hurry of daily living.

I’m lucky enough to have a quiet, safe place to walk right in my community—I can walk right out my back gate onto a paved trail. I usually take it for granted. Even worse, when I do use it, I almost always only use it for exercise—making the loop as quickly as I can instead of taking it slowly, exploring, noticing. As part of my focus on delight this year, I plan to take more of these short, rambling walks. At least until the heat and humidity make it impossible to enjoy. I know that day is coming, and soon, but until then, I’ll indulge in a few more relaxed morning walks. Who knows what I might discover?

What delights do you take for granted?

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  1. What a lovely observational walk...a walking meditation...Do you know Frederick Franck's books, The Zen of Seeing?
    I take a lot less for granted than ever before...appreciation of life and gratitude, always good to be reminded, thank you...

  2. Rita--No, I'm not familiar with The Zen of Seeing...I'll have to look for it as it sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

    I've been taking more of these quiet walks and find myself really looking forward to them rather than dreading the "walks for exercise" I had been taking. Of course, the weather is still cooperating...