Mixed-Up Monday

April 20, 2015

Today we are having all our carpets cleaned. This means the whole house is torn apart, the animals are disturbed, it’s noisy, and my usual Monday routine has been upended. That’s the bad news.

The good news is: our carpets will look like new and I will feel like I got something major accomplished from my to do list (never mind that I’m not doing the actual cleaning).

I feel untethered—without my usual Monday activities performed in their usual order. Sometimes, untethered is good. Sometimes I narrow my vision too much, and become inflexible. Routines can become so ingrained that I lose all my creativity and joy in the doing.

I don’t want to throw all my routines to the wind, but maybe, just for today, I will. Maybe today I’ll binge read Janice MacLeod-Lik’s blog. Maybe today I’ll write a poem. Maybe today I’ll lounge around and finish reading Rex Stout’s Death of a Doxy. Maybe I won’t do one more blessed thing that could be considered productive.

After all, the carpets are clean… Isn’t that enough?

This is NOT what my office looks like right now...

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  1. For me there is this balance between doing "nothing" & being productive. And a balance between following routines & allowing for serendipity. I don't always get it right, but I've learned to appreciate the "nothing" times as time to rest & renewal. It will feel so nice to have those clean rugs, yes?

  2. Rita--Yes, we all keep striving for that perfect balance, don't we?

    And it's amazing how much cleaner the house feels after having the carpets done!

  3. Yes, clean carpets is (are?) enough.

    I'm struggling with balance in a physical way as I start trying to learn yoga. LOL!!

  4. Thank you, Cheryl. After all, I had to prep the rooms beforehand, and also put them back together when he was done!

    Good luck with the yoga--I love doing yoga, and want to start doing more of it. As it is, I probably average once a week. Are you taking a class?