September 30, 2013

That’s right—thank goodness it’s Monday! I’ve written before about how Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. It remains so, I think partly because it has so much variety. I pack a lot of simple pleasures into Mondays, and sometimes some everyday adventures. For example, today I:

Drank coffee from my favorite mug and ate a homemade coconut ginger scone while reading A Field Guide to Now.

Walked our nature trail with a friend.

Went to see Tank. He was feeling very full of himself and we had some fun playing horse games on the ground. And his lips are almost completely healed up!

Took a delightful and much-needed warm shower after sweating (and sweating) in the 90-degree heat—it’s fall, darn it—won’t someone please turn off the heat?

Folded some laundry and changed the sheets on our bed. My husband and I both love fresh sheets! Going to sleep tonight will be extra nice.

Looked for freelance writing jobs online and asked for more information about a posting for a horse health blogger!

Fertilized my orchids.

Still to come:

Reading for pleasure. I have several books started, and I’ll be picking up either No Name or Fragile—or both—later today.

Watching my Tampa Bay Rays play the Texas Rangers for the second American League wild card spot.

What simple pleasures and everyday adventures did you enjoy today?

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  1. Today (Friday, not Monday) my husband and I took a walking tour of historical Boston, had lunch at the very first hotel in Boston just a few tables away from where JFK proposed to Jackie, drove to Salem and saw the Salem Witch Museum, and drove to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where I had lobster for dinner. So I would have to say it was a good day (although not a typical day, that' savor sure!).

  2. The last few words should be "that's for sure".

  3. Oh, Cheryl, how wonderful! I hope you're having a fantastic time exploring.

  4. Cheryl--I forgot to ask, did you bring your sketchbook and will we see some sketches on your blog?