You Said It

January 21, 2013

Do you know how much I love reading comments? Whenever I put up a blog post, I eagerly wait to see what you have to say in response. I read every comment and try to respond to each one. It means a great deal to me when you say something nice about the post, of course, but I also love to hear your thoughts on the topic of the day. In return, I try to visit as many blogs as possible and leave my own comments—even if it’s just a sentence or two so the blogger knows someone has read and understood her (99% of the time it’s a her) words. We all like to be seen and acknowledged, don’t we?

For several months, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a post quoting you, my wise and witty readers—and today’s the day. Since I’ve been blogging these past three years, you’ve followed my ups and downs and chipped in with your advice and encouragement. Below you’ll find just a few of the comments that have made a difference to me in the last three years, in no particular order. Comments have been edited for length, but not changed in meaning.

Sara: “A friend once told me to buy 5 x 7 cards and whenever you have ‘light’ moment or one that's happy and totally present, you write it down and keep them in one of those albums you can buy at a pharmacy for pictures.

Whenever you're feeling a loss of light, you look through it and remember the times when the ‘light’ was there.” 

Laure: “Some of my happiness busters are being overly tired, too much ‘news’ that I can't do anything about, and some of the ones you mention.

The words to one of the Eagles' songs, Already Gone, keep running through my mind,
‘ oftentimes it happens we live our life in chains/That we never even know we have the key.....’

How often do we hold ourselves down, back, under, less than, not good enough, not enough and so on, when really…we are more than enough and far more? We just don't understand we are the key.”

Laure: “To my way of thinking there are seeds of bad in all good things that happen and seeds of good in all bad things that happen…it is up to us which we cultivate.”

Elizabeth: “I agree with Laure—there are seeds of both in every experience…and with Kathy and the story of the farmer—time will tell which is good or bad.

It seems to me that it is nearly always up to ME in how I choose to see an event. Sometimes stepping back to observe the big picture is all I need to adjust my thinking.”

Kathy M: “The older that I get, the less hard I am on myself and on others. I wish that I had done many things different, but, look, it has all turned out fine in spite of myself.

Long ago I heard that regret in a way insults the person that I was long ago, before I knew better. Life is a journey, and perhaps when we are better at forgiving ourselves we become better at forgiving others.”

Timaree: “Sometimes we get frozen in the litany of things happening all around of which we have little say. Mother Teresa used to tell people when they asked what they could do, to love and take care of their families. That's our first and most important job and when that is taken care of, we can branch out. Like you, I would love to see a world of people being kind to one another. It has to start somewhere and if taking care of ourselves gets us going then let's do it. I read on another post today about a smile that led to one thing and then another and another. That's something we should all be able to do—give a smile. They can be contagious as a yawn.”

And though I didn’t include quotes from you in this list, I deeply appreciate the continued friendship and input of Claire, Cheryl, and Danielle. (And I miss you, Meredith!) I thank you for all your encouraging, wise, funny and delightful comments. And because you all have made such a difference to me, I pass on the “Wonderful Team Member Award” to each one of you. (Thank you to Kathy of Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy who passed this on to me.) I know some bloggers aren’t big on awards, but I liked this one because it honors the thoughtfulness of blog readers. Feel free to accept and pass on if you wish. If otherwise, just know that I (and all bloggers) appreciate your taking the time to comment on our work.

If you choose to participate, the rules are as follows:
  1. Thank the nominator and link back to their site (Thanks, Kathy—see above).
  2. Display the award (see below).
  3. Nominate no more than 14 readers of your blog you appreciate and leave a comment on their blogs to let them know about the award.
  4. Finish this sentence: A great reader is…Someone who reads in a spirit of curiosity and openness, takes what she can from what she reads and lets the rest go. 

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  1. You have a lot of great comments quoted. I wish I'd said some of those things. ;).

    I read every one of your posts, even though I don't always comment on every one. Sometimes I just don't have anything very interesting to say. But you always do. I love your blog.

    Thanks for the award. I appreciate it even if I don't pass it on.

  2. Hi Kathy! Thank you! We all work for comments, they are very important, and yours are so meaningful.

    Kathy M.

  3. Cheryl--That's why I specifically mentioned you. I feel like you always read my posts, and you comment frequently. I feel like we've got a connection, and it means a lot to me. I always appreciate your encouragement and kind comments.

  4. Kathy--Thank you for your the award, and the compliment. I appreciate your thoughtful comments as well. It's true: comments really are important to bloggers. We hate to feel we're writing in a vacuum.

  5. Kathy,

    Thanks for the comment quote. That's a good idea. I also loved your reply to "What a great reader is..." I feel the same way.

    These quotes are really good. I'm sure my site exactly fits with the award requirements since I do mostly writing challenges, but I definitely appreciate the honor:~)

  6. Sara--I like that award focuses on the importance of the reader/commenter. It's so nice to hear what readers have to say. No one likes to write in a vacuum.

  7. Thanks so much--it's very kind of you to include me in your list! I also love getting comments--I am much better at responding to those on my posts than commenting elsewhere as I'd like to (it takes me a while to get caught up, but I always read posts via google reader). If it wasn't for the comments I'm not sure I would be such a good blogger as it is the conversations I like! And I greatly appreciate, too, your comments to my posts--I always look forward to hearing from you!

  8. I just reread this whole thing, Kathy, and I am glad that I did. I wrote that??? Huh. I do feel that way though.

    What a great way to give this award, and thank you so much for putting so much effort into the post. I enjoyed the comments from your friends.

    Kathy M.

  9. Interesting to read some of the comments that have been left - wise words! I also appreciate comments that are left on my blog and others. It always amazes me how I am touched by a few words. So many times.... I'll hear words that connect with something going on in my life. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I value these connections!!

  10. Danielle--I'm the same way--I read far more blogs than I actually comment on, and I do really enjoy the conversations. It's a pleasure to read and comment on your blog, and I'm always happy when you comment on mine.

  11. Kathy--Yes, you said it! And you say a lot of other encouraging things, too. I've enjoyed hearing your perspective.

  12. Claire--I love the connections made through blogging, and I always read your blog, even if I don't comment on every post. I appreciate your friendship and encouragement always. I know life is busy and it means something when someone takes time to read what we post.

  13. Thank you, Kathy, for the award! I sound much wiser in words than in real life, I'm sure. I don't have much time sometimes to stop and comment, but I do try to keep up with reading when I can.

    I love your words about readers and their comments - I feel the same. The comment conversations between us expand and enlighten me, and I'm grateful to have such wonderful online friends!

  14. I don't know if I can reciprocate with my fellow bloggers, but I deeply appreciate the award. :)

  15. I always enjoy your comments, Elizabeth. I know we are all busy and pulled in every direction, so I appreciate it when people take the time to comment. I know that people read and don't comment (I do it myself), and I appreciate that, too.