A Room of My Own

October 19, 2012

I mentioned here that I’ve taken possession of my new office after my husband moved to his new space in our formal living room —really it’s my “old” office as it was mine (hence the lavender walls) until my husband took it over three years ago. I’ve spent many happy hours in here in the past week and a half—would you like a little tour? (Click on the photos to make them bigger.)

I’ve shared pictures of the shelves before, but this is what they look like now. A few things moved around, a few books disposed of and a few more purchased. 

Under my window, I have a white bench with some magazines, an African violet and some storage boxes for hiding messy projects (if only I could remember I put the projects in there…).

My desk—so wonderful to have room to spread out, and to have my little bits and bobs displayed. Last week I had some fresh flowers in that bare space on the left. On top of the hutch is my collection of old Nancy Drew books

I love this glider rocker for reading, writing (I write most first drafts in long hand) and thinking deep thoughts. I’ve had this chair since before my son was born, and I spent countless hours in it, feeding, rocking and singing to him. We recovered it a few years ago so it could go in the office. When I’m not in the chair, one of Scout’s dog beds is. She divides her time between my office and my husband’s.

Next to the rocker is a lateral filing cabinet and hutch. I still need to purge the files as well as arrange the photos and books a bit better.

This is the armoire desk we bought for me when my husband and I were trying to share the office. It’s now my—trumpet fanfare—art station. I keep all my supplies here, and can use the desk top to sketch and paint. It also stores some random office supplies I don’t have room for elsewhere.

Having my own space means a lot to me. I can play music. I can shut the door. I control the ceiling fan, a major bone of contention between me and my husband. It means I (we) take my work seriously because we’ve made a space for me to do it, rather than keeping me bouncing from one place to another.

I didn’t realize until I had to share how much having my own space meant to me. Every other place I tried to work (except my bedroom and that was an issue in itself) made me feel I was on display and I was frequently interrupted. I felt like I “wasn’t doing anything” when I was sitting quietly reading or thinking or even web surfing for work. Now I can daydream, think, and read to my heart’s content and no one looks over my shoulder while I do it. Or asks me what’s for dinner or if I’m doing laundry later.

And that, my friends, is my new artistic space.

I am very happy.

Scout is happy, too.
Do you have a space to call your own?

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  1. Kathy, your space is beautiful! I love your colors AND the fact that you can be grounded and ready to work as soon as you open the door. What a pretty and functional refuge. Yay!

    I have my art and sewing project storage area in the large closet in my Mom Cave/library room. It is good to have that stuff hidden, isn't it?

    I'd love to see pictures of how your husband's office turned out too!

    Kathy M.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I love my office and hate to leave it! And I highly recommend cabinets with doors...great for quick clean-ups as long as you (I) don't let them get out of hand.

    I thought about posting some pics of Larry's office--it's not quite done yet, so I'll wait until everything is where it should go. We've had quite the time getting his office in shape--multiple problems with the desk and the new doors. Blog post-worthy--stay tuned!

  3. What a great room! I'm envious. I have a small book room, but it is really only for storage as it is so small there is no room for a chair or desk and seems to have turned into a place for cast off items! I love that rocker--I have always wanted one--maybe someday I'll really splurge and get one for my bedroom, which is really my only personal room--and I do spend a lot of time there. Great shelves by the way--if only I could go and browse the books on them! :)

  4. Your new (old) space is wonderful. We all need a space of our own. I have a sewing room (studio?) that I love - I just wish it was bigger. But no matter how big it was, I would probably say that. Today we put up new vertical blinds to replace the Venetian blinds my cat chewed through - and yes, he chewed through our bedroom ones too!!! I wasn't sure I would like the vertical blinds, but my large sewing table sits in front of the window, so the cellular shade we put in our bedroom wouldn't work - it would be too hard to reach behind the table. Turns out I really like the vertical blinds - so much so that I'm wishing I'd put them in our bedroom too.

  5. Danielle--I love the rocker, too. Having some type of rocker is a must for me. I can be a fidgety person, and the rocking motion helps that.

    I should have taken some close-up photos of the books, right? I love seeing what is on other people's shelves. Maybe there's a blog post dedicated to bookshelves somewhere in the future!

  6. Cheryl--The problem with bigger, for me anyway, is I will just fill it up with more stuff! I'm glad my office is on the smallish side, though as you see we've got it packed pretty full of furniture. Still, it would be nice to have a drawing table...

    I've love to see some photos of your sewing room, complete with new vertical blinds and maybe the kitty, too. Does he come in there with you when you're working? Or does he sneak in when you're gone to chew the blinds? :)

  7. And a lovely space it is, too! Good for you. :)I think everyone should be able to have a space to call their own. It is so very essential to one's well-being, I feel. My bedroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but tiny as it is, it's my favourite space because I can call it my own. And that makes all the difference.
    Love the picture of Scout. :)

  8. Thanks, Michelle. I really love the space. I don't think it matters what size your space is, as long as it's yours. There's just something about that.

  9. I keep the door to my sewing room closed except when I'm in there - too much for either dog or cat to steal and/or chew.

  10. Good plan. Having pets is sometimes just like having small children in the house!