There Goes the Neighborhood

May 02, 2011

I'm up to my eyeballs in article writing (thanks, Michele!), so I'll just share this photo with you:

We have a number of retention ponds in our neighborhood, and this little fella (girl?) lost his way and found himself in our neighbor's yard a couple years ago. (That's my husband's hand.) We helped him to his destination where he went his merry way.  

Now don't you want to move to Florida?

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  1. It's so cute! Yes, I understand its a gator ('dile? I can never tell the difference) but it's still so adorable!

  2. He is pretty cute at this size--however, he quickly loses his cuteness when he grows big enough to eat your dog!

  3. Nope, I've lived in northern Florida and although it has it's advantages over the northern states, it just can't beat California! Of course, I am not there either but in Arizona where they just picked a state gun like some do a state flower or state tree. Oh, here in Arizona we promote guns! I don't think Florida or California do that.

  4. Even at that size they can remove a finger or two! Best to give them a wide berth. And if not the gators, the mosquitos will just about pick you up and carry you off! Man, they're ferocious this year!

    Timaree, our state's pretty gun happy too. We don't have a state gun yet, but I wouldn't be surprised!

  5. It is a cutie, but no, along with the snakes, I don't think I want to move there!

    Have a wonderful day, Kathy!

    Kathy M.

  6. Er... think I'll stay where I am.... though we could loan you some bears, coyotes, mountain lions, rattlesnakes and a few other less-than-cuddlies.

    Oh.... and our alligator population is on the rise too.

    Shall we both move? :-)

  7. Timaree--I'm originally from CA, and it beats Florida hands down, in my opinion. (Don't tell my husband.)

    A state gun?? And I thought Florida was gun crazy! Guess Arizona is still a bit of the old Wild West!

  8. Laure--What's the deal with the mosquitos? As soon as stepped out on my porch I had one biting my foot! I guess I can be glad I didn't have a baby alligator biting my foot...

  9. Kathy--Don't forget the bugs, either! Florida has more than its fair share of creepy crawlies of all types. Time for me to move to Oregon?

  10. Teresa--Yes, let's both move to someplace without all the scary nature. Too bad I can't think of anyplace like that!


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