How Resilience and Happiness Are Similar

October 30, 2020

 “As a word and a strategy, resilience honors the unromantic reality of who we are and how we are, and so becomes a refreshingly practical compass for the systems and societies we can craft. It’s a shift from wish-based optimism to reality-based hope. It is akin to meaningful, sustained happiness—not dependent on a state of perfection or permanent satisfaction, not an emotional response to circumstances of the moment, but a way of being that can meet the range of emotions and experiences, light and dark, that add up to a life. Resilience is at once proactive, pragmatic, and humble. It knows it needs others. It doesn’t overcome failure so much as transmute it, integrating it into the reality that evolves.

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  1. Kathy wonderful word. Now that is a trait or goal to work towards. Hope we both could become resilient. 2020 certainly should be a great teacher for resilience :)! Hugs

    1. Debbie--2020 has been a humdinger, for sure. May we all be able to find something good to take from it, be it resilience or something else.