August Progress

August 21, 2020


Or, as I like to call it, “Ugh-ist.”

Never my favorite month. Except for the birthdays of some loved ones (hi, guys!), August is a month I just try to survive, and I have a long history of complaining about it every year here on Catching Happiness.  See “August Monday Musings,” “Feeling the Heat,” or “In Which I Compare Myself to a Horse.” 

But 2020 has been such a strange year, and while this August is…weird to say the least, for me personally, it’s better than the past few years. Last summer, Tank had a serious hoof condition and was lame, and my husband’s truck engine blew. The year before that I was stressed out about moving Tank to a new barn and our son had been forced to move home temporarily.  And the year before that, Tank had an abscessed tooth that required twice-a-day doctoring. This month, fingers crossed, I’m just dealing with ordinary, day-to-day stuff. For which I am very, very grateful.

Despite my typical lack of energy in August, I have been participating in some challenges this month: the KonMari 8-Week Tidy Challenge and Susannah Conway’s #augustbreak2020 Instagram challenge. I’m doing them both imperfectly, and that’s OK. I’ve probably missed more days than I’ve posted on Instagram, but I’m allowing myself to take it easy. (See my posts here.) I’m a bit bogged down with tidying my books (is anyone surprised?), but I’m making progress. Slow, languid, August progress, but progress nonetheless.

In progress...


I feel like that’s a lesson I can learn this year: keep trying. Do it imperfectly, but don’t give up. Soften. 

I hope that you have been able to enjoy some of summer’s simple pleasures, and that you’re experiencing August progress. Tell me about what you’ve been up to in the comments!

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  1. Kathy you and I share the same mindset concerning August. For some reason it has always been the least favorite month for me. Looks like you are not letting it stop you making progress. Yes so much better to persevere than to be stymied by perfection. Imperfect certainly works for me. :)!! Have a good day in spite of it being in August. Hugs!

  2. Hi, Debbie--Kinda glad I'm not the only one :). I hope to make enough progress that the next few months will be easier. Might as well do something positive since I'm still pretty much staying home!

  3. August: Even in Maine it can get hot in August, but not this year!! Absolutely cool and pleasant and that helps. I LOVE seeing your Kondo work!!! Thank you for sharing that. The imperfect theme has been very strong for me in the last months. I'm so much more relaxed letting perfectionism comes back in, but so much easier to let it back out! I'm glad you don't have the stresses this year that you've had in the last few months.

    1. I'm glad you're having a pleasant August! At least someone is :)

      I'm glad you didn't mind my sharing my "tidying." I feel like I'm really working on my relationship with "imperfect" this year, and that's a good thing.