What Will You Do With the Gift of a Day?

February 29, 2016

Today is a gift. An extra day in the course of your year, a day that 2015 didn’t have, and 2017 won’t have. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? If you’re like me, you’d be thrilled to have someone hand you an extra 24 hours.

February 29, or Leap Day, is humanity’s way of fixing the discrepancy between the calendar year and the solar year (the time it takes Earth to complete its orbit of the Sun)—the solar year is nearly six hours longer than the 365 days of our calendar. (Click here if you want to know more about how Leap Day is calculated). 

But back to that extra day. When I think about what I’d do with an extra day, I almost always picture myself cocooning at home, reading, drinking tea or coffee (or both), hiding away from the world. I seldom picture myself getting out of my house, exploring someplace new, etc. Perhaps that is a reflection of my introversion since I’m recharged by time spent in solitude. But if my fantasies of what I’d do with an extra day all involve hiding at home, perhaps this is an indication that I’m not paying enough attention to my need for that solitude and recharging on a daily basis. Something to think about.

Since 2016’s Leap Day falls on a Monday, most of us will be doing our typical work/school activities. Even so, why not try to set aside a little time for doing something that makes you happy on this gift of an extra day?

In between going to exercise class and returning the library books and cleaning the bathrooms, I’ll sneak in a little time for myself today. (Inquiring minds want to know: will I leave my house or read on the lanai instead? What do you think?)

If money or logistical limitations were no object, what would you do with an extra day?

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  1. What an intriguing idea—to treat Leap Day as a gift rather than just another day! I like it! Hmmm, if money and logistical limitations were not an issue, I think I'd "pop" over for a few hours in New Zealand. Maybe visit the Hobbit town, Hobbiton. It's "summer" there. Paris and Oslo are alternate places I'd like to visit for a few hours. Maybe the Lake District so I could go to Beatrix Potter's House...but it's cold there! Really cold!

    I am taken with this idea of using at least an hour or two as a special gift...since I can't go to NZ or Europe...I will be coming up with a way to use and honor this treat! Thank you!!

  2. Laure--So many fun places to "pop"--if only it were that easy, I'd do it in a heartbeat! You'll have to let me know what you decide to do with your gift of time.

  3. This extra day is a gift. I had never considered this thought before. I am certainly going to do something special for even just a few minutes. Bet you just might enjoy reading a book. Maybe I will too. Have a lovely day friend. Hugs!

  4. Debbie--I'd never thought of it that way, either. It just seemed to pop into my head. I enjoyed reading and doing a crossword puzzle outside yesterday. Hope you had a lovely Leap Day!

  5. Like you, an extra day for me the introvert means the luxury of staying at home...snow days for us are gifts of extra days when many events are cancelled. Being ill, I am having a few extra stay at home days and love the reading I've been able to do and the work on a new project...But, I will need to emerge from the cocoon soon. Balance for me the introvert is important too.

  6. Rita--Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you're feeling better soon, and that you've taken good care of yourself in the meantime. Yes, there must be a balance of solitude and contact with others, even for introverts. Some of my very happiest times have been spent with friends and family members.