Prudy Was Here

January 24, 2014

The Christmas tree was just the beginning. Let me share a few more of Prudy’s recent exploits. There are only a few surfaces left that are safe from her depridations—and that will probably change as she gets older: the top of refrigerator (where we have to keep Scout’s food when she’s not actually eating it), the top of the armoire in my office (where I put fresh flowers if I have them) and so far, our dresser in the bedroom. (I’m pretty sure she could jump up on it—she just hasn’t seen any need to do so yet.)  Everywhere she goes, havoc! She loves to lie on my desk while I’m working, and her favorite way to get there is to run into the office, jump onto my rocking chair and spring onto the desk. With the following results:

She also decides it’s time to play around 11 p.m. and frequently has to be locked into the office for the night. She doesn’t seem to mind this—I hear her rolling her ball around in there, and she doesn’t start crying to get out until morning. However, she takes that time to explore the shelves and knock things over. I’ve found many of the little odds and ends I keep on my desk on the floor in front of it when I let her out in the morning. I use a docking station with my laptop so I have a better keyboard and monitor, and Prudy likes to jump on the shelf below my desk that holds my laptop, shutting the lid and turning it off, usually when I’m right in the middle of typing a sentence.

So far she’s not an especially naughty girl (knock on wood) and I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s a full-grown cat whose main activity is sleeping. I’m enjoying her loving nature, playfulness and curiosity while trying to stay one step ahead of her possible destructiveness (the silk flower arrangement from the dining room table now lives on top of the china cabinet, for example). For once, I’m not wishing away this stage, but appreciating it, pausing many times a day to play with her or pet her. (And I save my documents frequently!)

Often we (I) look forward too much, neglecting the present for the future, believing that it will somehow be better than right now. I look back at my life and see how fast it’s going, and how much time I wasted wishing I would grow up, wishing I had a husband and family, wishing my child would grow up…you see the pattern. I’m learning that appreciating the right now not only improves my experience of the present, but builds a store of warm memories, and hopefully, a happy future.

How do you appreciate the present?

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  1. Seems to me you're getting off lightly…Moby decided to scale the shoe tree in my closet the other morning.

    At 1:30 AM.

    Never a dull moment...

  2. Ha! Yeah, I guess I am getting off lightly.

    Right now, Prudy is on the lanai, watching the squirrels. If you call her, she runs up to you until you can almost touch her, then takes off as fast as she can go. Hoping the extra exercise will mean a sleepy kitty later today!

  3. Kathy - Please do not get discouraged but not necessarily when she is full grown will things change...may slow down a bit but I have a nine year old cat Scooter who still wreaks havoc wherever he goes. (LOL) Like you though I am enjoying the present!! No reason to think He is suddenly going to change so just going with the flow.
    From one feline lover to another have a good day.

  4. Ha! Well, I guess I can stand it if Prudy retains her youthful energy! She's worth it.

    Hope you have a great weekend, and give Scooter a kitty treat for me!