So. Very. Tired.

July 29, 2013

How can three days feel like a week? My son and I flew to Texas Friday for our niece/cousin’s wedding Saturday, and flew home Sunday. Whew. The wedding was at 5 p.m. with the reception and “after party” at my sister- and brother-in-law’s house lasting until much later. (I believe my son and nephew stayed up until 3…)

As usual, a trip/family milestone triggered some introspection. This go-round’s random observations

I feel lucky to get along so well with my husband’s family. I don’t have brothers and sisters so I love sharing his. All the fun without the drama!

I did more people watching. This time, I especially noticed the facial expressions of women my age and older. Some women (men, too) look like nothing pleases them, and they’re just waiting for an excuse to get mad. I don’t want to be—or to look—soured by life; I want to meet it with a smile, curiosity and optimism. How can I make my face reflect that?

It may be physically impossible not to dance to Play That Funky Music, especially after one has had a glass or two of champagne. 

An idea for after we drop our son off at college: make a bucket list on the way home in the car. My sister- and brother-in-law did this after dropping our niece (their youngest) at college. Might keep me from crying all the way home. (I said might.)

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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  1. Sounds like a fun (although tiring) weekend! Enjoyed reading your reflection about mid-life faces. I too would like to carry a smile and a welcoming expression. Hugs to you!!

  2. Thanks, Claire--we had tons of fun. And I'm finally caught up on my sleep!

  3. Glad you're getting caught up on your sleep. It sounds like a fun weekend. I don't think you look like you're soured by life; I remember you smiling a lot in NOLA.

  4. Cheryl--Yes, it was fun; definitely worth the sleep deprivation.

    How could I help smiling at NOLA? It was all kinds of awesomeness. My hope is to keep smiling, even when things aren't quite so much fun. :) :)