A Day of Gifts

July 08, 2013

Last week was a tough week. Why is it every time I schedule some down time for myself, everything seems to go wrong? Nothing major, just a series of minorly-worrying events that taken together made me feel battered by week’s end.

Finally, Saturday came—a day of noticing the gifts right under my nose and a chance to rebalance. Some of Saturday’s gifts:
  • A strong breeze and cloud cover that kept the temps in the mid-80s, practically unheard of for this time of year.
  • A truly awesome ride on Tank, after wondering if I’d be able to ride at all. I spent many hours last week dealing with a persistent skin problem on Tank’s hindquarters and back (the so delightfully-named rain rot) that left him sensitive to even fingertip touch—so sensitive that I thought there might be something more seriously wrong with him. During our ride, he was so relaxed and responsive I think he enjoyed it, too.
  • Homemade blackberry and cream scones to go with my afternoon tea, drunk from a teapot/cup set that was a gift from a friend.
  • An afternoon spent reading a library book—and isn’t the library one of the greatest gifts of all?

These simple pleasures helped me remember how many gifts I really have—good health, a family I love, precious friends, amazing animals, and resources for entertainment and education through the library. So many gifts, if I stop to notice them.

What gifts have you noticed lately?

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  1. Downtime, friendship, and small gestures of kindness have been on my radar lately. It does take slowing down to see them, though.

    Hope the rump rot has improved and you're having a better week.

  2. So sorry you had a stressful week, but glad you could de stress some on Saturday. We've had stress around here lately too, dealing with my mom after a fall. So the gifts I've focused on are my husband's wonderful caring nature and taking care of me, along with my brother and his wife being here to visit mom.

  3. Laure--Rump rot is definitely improving and he's looking good right now. I'm really concentrating on slowing down and paying attention to the details of daily life. I seem to be chronically in a rush and stressing myself out.

  4. Cheryl--Sorry to hear about your mom. That would be stressful. I'm glad you've got family love and support to lean on.

  5. I love looking over other shoulders to see what things others are grateful for. You are right that there are so many things around us - it just takes some awareness and openness to take them in. I am grateful for the cycles of our days - that I get to lay my head down at night on my pillow for some rest and I wake up to the new-ness of a fresh day. I love the welcome sense of "coming home" even after an enjoyable get-away. Topping the list for sure are friends and family.

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  7. I have been feeling happy and grateful too, Kathy. Mostly for my family and friends ... and blogging friends such as you too!

    Kathy M.

  8. Kathy--Glad to hear you're feeling happy. Maybe partly due to the fact that you're also feeling grateful? :)