Places My Husband Has Found His Reading Glasses

June 17, 2013

  • Hanging off the chain link fence.
  • In a shovel-full of compost from our compost pile.
  • Among the leaves in the back yard.
  • Inside the bird feeder when he took it apart to clean it.

This is why we have to buy readers in bulk from Costco.

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  1. Oh my. Thank goodness I keep finding my husband's glasses as they are prescription lenses. (Due to aging, he takes them off now when he wants to see up close).

  2. Timaree--It's hard keeping track of those things! My husband and I both buy inexpensive glasses and sunglasses because we're terrible about breaking and losing them. So far, we've been able to make do with what we can buy at Costco, etc.

  3. What a funny story! I can totally relate - I often misplace mine and then I can't see to find them!!!

  4. Claire--I misplace mine, too, but they always turn up in *ordinary* places! :)